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  • Panel mulls election reform

    Victoria Eavis, Casper Star-Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange|Aug 25, 2022

    CASPER — A week after one of the most discussed elections in Wyoming’s history, a panel of lawmakers will consider changes to the state’s voting system. The Legislature’s Joint Corporations Committee will discuss a ranked-choice voting system and whether to implement special elections if one of the state’s top elected officials departs. The committee will also consider two other important issues in Wyoming: housing and liquor licenses. The meeting, which is open to the public and will be streamed online, will take place in Casper on Thursday...

  • Fairness complaint filed with GOP

    Victoria Eavis, Casper Star-Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange|May 5, 2022

    CASPER — A complaint filed Friday with the Wyoming GOP claims four county-level Republican parties violated bylaws, raising further questions about whether state party leaders have been selectively enforcing rules at the expense of traditional conservatives. Gail Symons, a Sheridan Republican and the woman behind the nonpartisan blog Civics307, claimed GOP organizations in Sheridan, Sublette, Albany and Crook counties committed minor violations of party rules. Her complaint comes as Laramie County Republicans face the prospect of losing most o...

  • Gordon announces in Buffalo he will seek second term

    Victoria Eavis, Casper Star-Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange|Apr 7, 2022

    CASPER - Gov. Mark Gordon announced his reelection bid Monday, offering an upbeat message after a first term dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic and economic challenges. "I do believe that Wyoming is the best place on the Earth bar none, and I believe Wyoming's best days are ahead of it," said Gordon, a moderate Republican. "And that's because of you: the people of Wyoming." Gordon's time in office has been challenging, and he's faced criticism from his party's right wing. He angered many...

  • Despite threats, lawmaker will run

    Victoria Eavis, Casper Star-Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange|Apr 7, 2022

    CASPER — Rep. Landon Brown had two press releases on his computer: one that announced he was bowing out of the Wyoming Legislature and one that said he was running for reelection. He sent the latter one Friday, but only after weeks of mulling over the pros and cons of what being a state lawmaker in Wyoming entails these days. Increasing incivility in the statehouse gave Brown second thoughts about running again. In Brown’s view, that incivility steadily increased after former President Donald Trump took office, but really accelerated with the o...

  • Lawmakers have lengthy to-do list for budget session

    Victoria Eavis, Casper Star-Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange|Feb 17, 2022

    CASPER — Wyoming lawmakers were set to convene Monday for a budget session. But the to-do list this time around is longer than normal. The Wyoming Legislature is tasked with crafting a two-year financial plan for the state, something that is a necessity every budget session. But along with that, lawmakers must decide ow to spend a half billion dollars in relief aid while redrawing the state’s legislative map as part of the once-a-decade redistricting process. The 20-day budget session happens every even-numbered year. This time around, the Legi...

  • Runoff election push returns after setback

    Victoria Eavis, Casper Star-Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange|Feb 10, 2022

    CASPER —The effort to bring runoff elections to Wyoming’s primaries has been revived. Last year, a legislative committee failed to advance legislation that would institute runoff elections if no one candidate received more than 50% of the vote. On Monday, Rep. Chip Neiman, R-Hulett, filed his own bill and constitutional amendment that would do just that. If successful, the representative’s runoff election bill would go into effect in 2023 — in time for the 2024 statewide elections. The runoff bill would apply to statewide elected officials, sta...

  • Legislature to hold special session on mandate

    Victoria Eavis, Casper Star-Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange|Oct 21, 2021

    CASPER — The Wyoming State Legislature has voted to hold a special session to combat federal vaccine mandates, but another obstacle remains. When results of the vote came in Thursday evening, there were 36 lawmakers in the House and 18 in the Senate in favor of the special session, clearing the majority that was needed in each chamber. (The Senate currently has 30 members, while the House currently has 59.) But once they gather, lawmakers will need to approve rules for the session. That will necessitate another vote on the session’s first day...

  • Special legislative session plans canceled

    Victoria Eavis and Morgan Hughes, Casper Star-Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange|Jun 10, 2021

    By Victoria Eavis and Morgan Hughes Casper Star-Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange CASPER — In an unexpected turn, there will not be a special legislative session in mid-July, Gov. Mark Gordon and statehouse leaders announced in a joint statement Friday. Since the end of Wyoming’s formal legislative session in April, it was widely understood that there would be a special session this July, in large part to decide on how to distribute the latest round of federal relief money. “I would’ve told you a week ago that we had to have it, and it was happ...

  • Bouchard will remain in U.S. House race

    Victoria Eavis, Casper Star-Tribune Via Wyoming News Exchange|May 27, 2021

    CASPER – Wyoming Sen. Anthony Bouchard says he is staying in the U.S. House race following the disclosure that he impregnated a 14-year-old when he was 18, striking a defiant tone at the possibility that he could face repercussions in the Wyoming Legislature. “They’re gonna censure me for [what I did] 37 years ago? That’d be great,” he said. “Do it. Bring it on.” Bouchard has faced a wave of criticism after he acknowledged late Thursday that he had impregnated the girl, whom he married a year later. But speaking to the Star-Tribune...