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  • Council approves rate increase

    Sarah Pridgeon|Dec 16, 2021

    Utility users within the City of Sundance have seen their rates remain flat for the last two years, but the council decided last week that the time has come for an increase – if only to keep up with inflation. Clerk Treasurer Kathy Lenz presented the figures to the council for consideration, making the recommendation for a 4% increase across the board. This, she said, would create about a $35,000 increase for the city’s budget, “So not a huge increase, but enough for our electric bills to pump the water, that’s going up every year and it will...

  • Rescue plan still causing confusion

    Sarah Pridgeon|Dec 16, 2021

    Months after the American Rescue Plan Act was finalized, how exactly its associated funding can be spent remains in question for local entities, including counties. “The guidance has changed five, six, seven times – it’s hard to keep up with it,” said County Clerk Linda Fritz. Despite the remaining confusion, the Crook County Commissioners have been able to kickstart the process of distributing the funds allocated to the county by formally making the decision that everyone who would like to apply for the money should follow an applica...

  • Basketball court may get an overhaul

    Sarah Pridgeon|Dec 16, 2021

    Sundance's recreational space could see an overhaul next season with a suggestion to allow students of Crook County School District to make use of the city's outdoor basketball courts. Clerk Treasurer Kathy Lenz presented the proposal to the council last week following a meeting between herself and Public Works Director Mac Erickson, Superintendent Mark Broderson and a group of parents. Lenz explained that Sundance Elementary School grew this year by around 45 kindergarteners. In response, the...

  • RER completes funding for demo plant

    Sarah Pridgeon|Dec 16, 2021

    Rare Element Resources (RER) announced this week that enough money has been raised through its rights offering of common shares to complete funding for the next stage of its rare earth project in northeast Wyoming. The goal of the offering was to raise $25.4 million to complete the necessary funding for a demonstration plant in Upton that will process and separate rare earth elements from ore that was previously stockpiled at the Bear Lodge Project in Crook County. RER estimates that $25.4 million in gross proceeds were raised. “The result i...

  • School presents Christmas concert

    Sarah Pridgeon|Dec 16, 2021

    The Sundance Junior High and High School band and choir will present a Christmas concert for the community this Monday, December 20, including a soup supper and all your favorite festive songs. The show will be under the direction of Teresa Preisner and accompanied by Susan Kostenbaer. The soup supper will begin at 5 p.m., says Preisner, and is expected to continue until around 6.30 p.m. A small fee will be collected for the meal, which will include a bowl of soup, dessert and a drink. “Live Christmas music will be provided during the meal b...

  • CCMSD to secure new ventilators

    Sarah Pridgeon|Dec 16, 2021

    Crook County Medical Services District (CCMSD) is purchasing additional ventilation equipment to address shortages within the hospital. The hope is to also solve the problems that have been experienced in trying to find beds at surrounding hospitals for patients in need of higher levels of care during spikes of the COVID-19 pandemic. “We need more ventilation equipment,” said Bob Hart, Trauma Program Manager. The district is facing other shortages too, he told the Crook County Commissioners during their regular meeting, but ventilators are the...

  • Council hears of active month

    Sarah Pridgeon|Dec 16, 2021

    The City of Sundance has seen several improvements over the last few weeks, the council heard at Tuesday’s regular meeting. The ice skating ring is now back, while the new movie screen in Sundance Square that was donated by the Sundance Chamber of Commerce and Sundance State Bank was premiered after the tree lighting last Friday. “With that and Old Stoney as the background, it looks fantastic,” said Mayor Paul Brooks. Meanwhile, this year’s deer harvest was a full success, with contractor Nick Kaminski of Grainland Trapping taking the full qu...

  • Hang on

    Dec 16, 2021

    While the decorations at the Velder residence have probably stopped one or two helpful passers-by in their tracks, they do provide a helpful warning about the potential pitfalls of the holiday season....

  • Lawrence A. "Larry" Shell

    Dec 16, 2021

    Lawrence A. "Larry" Shell, 80, of Upton, Wyoming, passed away on Tuesday, December 7, 2021, at Weston County Health Services in Newcastle, Wyoming. A funeral service was held on Monday, December 13, 2021, at the Upton Community Center in Upton. Interment followed in Greenwood Cemetery in Upton. He was born January 21, 1941 to Albert and Doratha Shell and was the oldest of their seven children. In 1969 he married Susan (Clyde) Shell and together they had three children, Eric, Andi and Devlin. He worked throughout his lifetime, beginning as a... Full story

  • Peek at the Past

    Dec 16, 2021

    1 Years Ago Dec. 15, 1921 Messrs. Jones and Owen of the state enforcement department have been getting results in Crook County during the past few days. Friday they visited the Andrew Mickelson ranch in Grand Canyon, where they found a still hooked up for operation, 250 gallons of mash and several hundred empty bottles. Only one quart bottle of moonshine was found and the owner also was missing. A peculiar feature of this outfit was the fact of the coil being run through a government watering trough for the condensing operating. The mash was...

  • A Blazing Christmas Eve

    Dec 16, 2021

    You are invited to celebrate the birth of God’s Son, Jesus Christ, in warmth and light: Friday, December 24, 2021 at 7 p.m. at Pine Ridge Community Church near Carlile. Dress warm and come ready to celebrate Christmas by the fire with song, scripture, story and warm goodies. This special service, hosted by Pine Ridge Ministries, will be held outdoors with a bonfire to light up and warm up the night – and our hearts. Plan to bring your loved ones this Christmas Eve to gather around a fire, join in song and hear the story of the birth of our Sav...

  • Card of Thanks

    Dec 16, 2021

    Our Thanks Thank you to all who donated and attended the Long Term Care Bazaar. Sending love and warm wishes for the holidays. Sundance Long Term Care residents...

  • Candy contest winner

    Dec 16, 2021

    Betsy Hockert, the winner of the Crook County Museum's Christmas open house candy contest....

  • Longtime Devils Tower employee Sue Skrove retiring

    Dec 16, 2021

    After 34 years of federal service, we congratulate Sue Skrove on her upcoming retirement! During her career Skrove worked in various parks and positions. Skrove began her relationship with the National Park Service as the business manager for Devils Tower Natural History Association. Over the next four years, she decided that she wanted to wear a flat hat and was hired as a seasonal interpretive ranger. She had many great “encounters” with visitors. One of her most memorable occurred during those early years at the Devils Tower Visitor cen...

  • This Week at Your Library

    Kim Heaster|Dec 16, 2021

    The library will be closed Fri., Dec. 24, for Christmas and Fri., Dec. 31, for New Year’s. We are still doing curbside and delivery if you would prefer not to come inside. We have numerous magazines available for a two-week checkout. BARNYARDS & BACKYARDS is a quarterly magazine produced by the University of Wyoming Extension. Their goal is to provide practical, useful user-friendly information on rural living topics. BARNYARDS & BACKYARDS features articles written by natural resource experts on Buildings, Composting, Domestic Animals, G...

  • Pinochle Marathon

    Dec 16, 2021

    These are Pinochle average scores for individuals as of Dec. 10, 2021: Alan Loken 4980 Karol Santistevan 4563 Tracy Santistevan 4520 Lyle Brunson 4435 Larry Byrne 4300 Vivian Brunson 3785 Carol Jordan 3756 Emmet Hegwood 3745 Barbara Byrne 3690 Jennifer Adams 3607 Gail Kaiser 3550 Jacquie McInerney 3545 Mary Jayne Jordan 3382 Sandra Hegwood 3355 Barbara Glick 3318 Jean Adams 3288 Joann Salyer 2528 Marla Loken 2370 These are Pinochle average scores for couples as of Dec., 10, 2021: Tracy and Karol Santistevan 9083 Lyle and Vivian Brunson 8220...

  • This Side of the pond

    Sarah Pridgeon|Dec 16, 2021

    My desire to visit Disneyland was triggered by two things. The first was a photograph of an entire slice of chocolate cake defying gravity atop a milkshake, because if you're going to indulge your greed then you might as well do it properly. This delightful treat, named the "Cake Shake", is only available in Downtown Disney, the shopping area outside of the park. I wanted nothing more than to jam a spoon straight through the top of it. The second was also a photograph, this time of my friend...

  • Dear Santa

    Dec 16, 2021

    Letters from Ms. Courtney’s first grade class Dear Santa, How are you? I hope your cookies are good. I love you. I would like roller skates and a volleyball and some sticky earrings. I hope you have a good year! Thank you. Love, Audrey Dear Santa, How many elves do you have? I hope your reindeer are doing good. Thank you for traveling the whole world. I want a new football. Have a Happy New Year! Love, Thomas Dear Santa, How is Mrs. Claus doing? I hope the elves stay at my house. I hope you get some rest. I want a big T-Rex. Thank you. How m...

  • Wyoming News Briefs

    From Wyoming News Exchange Newspapers|Dec 16, 2021

    WGFD detects diseases in elk herds, rabbits SHERIDAN (WNE) —Animal diseases have been identified in two species in the Sheridan region — chronic wasting disease in elk and rabbit hemorrhagic disease virus 2 in cottontail rabbits. CWD was identified in three new Sheridan Region elk hunt areas this fall. In October, the disease was documented in Elk Hunt Areas 36 and 129 and in November, a hunter-harvested cow elk in Elk Hunt Area 113 tested positive for the disease. All of the elk areas overlap hunt areas where the disease has previously bee...

  • City looks to pandemic funds for water project

    Sarah Pridgeon|Dec 16, 2021

    The City of Sundance is hoping to tap into American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funding to replace an old and leaking water line, but to do so will require assistance from the Crook County Commissioners. The current project to replace the Sundance Kid water tank and the lines leading from it under the interstate allowed the city to bore new lines down 3rd Street. However, funding limitations required them to stop at Alden Street. Karla Greaser of Trihydro, City Engineers, has been tasked with looking into the feasibility of taking a new water line c...

  • County to receive funds from nationwide opioid lawsuit

    Sarah Pridgeon|Dec 16, 2021

    Crook County is set to benefit from a large-scale class action lawsuit against pharmaceutical companies who were involved in supplying opioids. The OneWyo opioid settlement is part of a nationwide settlement and is expected to net somewhere between $82,000 and $150,000 for this county. County Attorney Joe Baron presented the memorandum of agreement (MOU) for the settlement to the county commissioners last week, telling them, “This is a class action against everybody.” The “everybody” in question includes all the pharmaceutical supply chain p...


    Dec 16, 2021

    NOTICE OF APPLICATION FOR NEW BAR AND GRILL LIQUOR LICENSE, FOR THE CITY OF SUNDANCE, 2021/2022. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the applicant whose name is set forth below has filed their application for a new Bar and Grill Liquor License in the Office of the Sundance City Clerk, City of Sundance, County of Crook, Wyoming. The name of said applicant and the description of the place and premise which the applicant desire to use as the place of sale is set forth as follows: LIQUOR LICENSE David Stewart 203 Cleveland Street Block 9 Lots 5 & 6 of... Full story

  • Name change

    Dec 16, 2021

    IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE SIXTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT WITHIN AND FOR CROOK COUNTY, STATE OF WYOMING IN THE MATTER OF THE PETITION OF: CHARITY MICHELLE NORTHUP For Change of Name Civil Action No. 8836 NOTICE OF PETITION FOR CHANGE OF NAME Notice is hereby given that on the 24th day of November, 2021, a Petition was filed in the District Court in and for Crook County, State of Wyoming, by Charity Michelle Northup, praying for an Order of the Court changing her name to Charity Michelle Burch. Any person desiring to object to the granting of the... Full story

  • Ordinance

    Dec 16, 2021


  • Bids

    Dec 16, 2021

    CALL for BIDS Crook County School District #1 Board of Trustees is accepting sealed bids for the sale of the following surplus property: • (1) PlasmaCam Model DHC Serial # 46849 - Includes Hypertherm Powermax 900 Plasma cutter and consumables, 4’x4’ table, computer, software and is a working unit. • (1) 4’x4’ Lincoln Plasma Table - This is the table only and is currently not working due to issues with the power box. The PlasmaCam is located at Sundance High School in Sundance, WY, and Lincoln Plasma Table is located at Hulett High School in H... Full story

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