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Card of Thanks

Our Thanks

The Sundance Methodist Church would like to extend a huge thank you to all those who helped make this years’ VBS a huge success, with 100 youth attending: 86 students three years to sixth grade and 14 teenage helpers. The theme for this year was “You are God’s Treasure” and the Bible points were: God Knows you, God Hears you, God Comforts you and God Forgives you.

We would like to extend a special thank you and recognition to the VBS Staff.

Imagination/science Teacher: Janet Lake.

Bible Stories Teachers: Teri Buckman and Kara Crawford Fink.

Snacks and Picnic Director: Jamie Jessen. Helper: Alex Johnson.

Decorations Director: Melissa Rother. Helper: Jed Rother.

Games Director: Jaylin Mills.

Three and Four-year-olds Teacher: Pam Johnson. Helpers: Tim Johnson, Lynelle Follum, Vickie Ferderer, Sue Fuhrmann, Phyllis Ramsey, Susan Worthington.

Kindergarten: Jayna Barber. Helper: Jill Mackey.

First Grade: Shari Gose. Helpers: Sandy Middleton, Sean Gose.

Second Grade: Beth Sigel.

Third Grade: Ashley Wood.

Fourth Grade: Beth Kreuter.

Fifth and Sixth Grade: Heidi Mills.

Songs and Skits: Teri Buckman, Pastor Donnie, Greta Crawford.