City cancels credit card on fraud suspicions


July 13, 2023

The Sundance Council has taken action to restrict usage of the city’s credit card after unauthorized charges were discovered on its statement.

Clerk/Treasurer Theresa Curren reported the issue to the council, explaining that her office has been unable to locate the source of certain charges. The fraudulent charges were on what Public Works Director Mac Erickson described as “oddball” items that are clearly unrelated to city business.

Curren and Erickson listed, for example, purchases such as a pair of shoes and a subscription to Amazon Prime Video. At least one charge is from around a year ago.

As all the unexplained charges were from shopping website Amazon, Curren suggested putting a stop on merchandise purchases from that site.

Mayor Paul Brooks suggested putting a stop to all merchandise purchases on that card, noting that standard practice is to buy an item and then seek reimbursement from the city. However, Curren commented that her office does use the card to buy office supplies.

Discussion was also held over whether to cancel the card and order a new one, which would halt the problem for at least the time being.

The council decided to pursue the third option. Council Member Randy Stevenson added the caveat during discussion of the motion to cancel the card that, “If it continues after the new card, then we go forward with the blocks.”

Brooks agreed he would be in favor of that move and called for the vote. The council voted unanimously to cancel the card.

At Wednesday evening’s regular meeting, Brooks also requested permission from the council to have City Attorney Mark Hughes write a letter to the owners of the site on which higbee’s café once stood. The letter would ask the owners to fill the hole left behind from the demolition, he said, and would be written “under the auspices of public safety”.

Hughes reported that Chris Ringer, a lawyer based in Gillette, has expressed interest in serving as the city’s municipal judge. As compensation for this service, he has asked to be included on the city’s health insurance plan.

Brooks commented that the cost for this would be around $8 per hour and expressed he would not be against the idea. Hearing that Ringer’s usual rate would be $150 to $200 per hour, the mayor stated that investigation is needed to determine which of these would be the best option.

Karla Greaser of Trihydro, City Engineers, reported that the 3rd Street Waterline project has kicked off, with a site walk a couple of weeks ago.

Clerk/Treasurer Theresa Curren reported that an estimated 50 tons of trash were collected at the transfer station through the “free dump day” tokens that were administered to city utility users to be used during the month of June.

Public Works Director Mac Erickson reported that the basketball courts have now been overlayed and the hoops are up. Brooks commented that he’s actually noticed more people using the skate park than before the courts were completed.

Curren reported that her office has been working on a grant with WYDOT to replace the failing culvert on 3rd Street. The application has been reviewed and corrections are being made, she said, with the expectation that the final submission will take place imminently.


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