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Field day wraps up school year


June 2, 2022


As the 2021-2022 school year came to a close, the Sundance Elementary students participated in their annual field day at Croell Field.

"We wanted to celebrate a wonderful school year, while demonstrating positive attitudes and kindness," P.E. coach Williamson, the organizer of the event, stated.

Each student got to participate in seven stations, as well as a tug-of-war and a chicken catch (sling shooting rubber chickens into a laundry basket) throughout the day. There were many teachers and volunteers around to help the students in each event.

At the end of the day, the students got a special surprise as they got to watch their teachers participate in some relay events as well. 

The fun field day ended with the Kindergarten class dunking Principal Brian Hartwig in the dunk tank, as a prize for being the top class in the Spell-a-Thon earlier in the year.

"Field day turned out great! Our parent volunteers are amazing!" Williamson said. "This is a big production and there is no way it could have gotten done without them. They are pros. I think the kids had a blast! We live in such a great community! I want to say a big thank you to not only the volunteers but also Kati Sipe, Jessica Rasmussen, Katie Bankenbush, PIC, Sundance State Bank and Deckers for all the help and donations."

Results from the Field Day:

Softball Throw:

Kindergarten – 1. Walker Idler/Maya Buckman Roth, 2. Jhett Olson/Kace Hege

1st Grade – 1. Audrey Crawford/Layton Lindberg, 2. Sam Henken/Kace Erickson

2nd Grade – 1. JJ Habek/Hartley Steele, 2. Jett Gustafson/Kinley Garoutte

3rd Grade – 1. Tyce Erickson/Nora Wood, 2. Rayden DeGracia/Shae Crago

4th Grade – 1. Kaleb Mills/Zoey Shoun, 2. Ridley Ellsbury/Jashlynn Idler

5th Grade – 1. Benny Wilen/Morgan McGuckin, 2. Hunter Idler/Jaslyssa Kelter

6th Grade – 1. Kale Harless/Turia Lindberg, 2. Landon Gaylord/Bailey Moeller

Long Jump:

Kindergarten – Jhett Olson 6'11", Aspen McDonald 4'2"

1st Grade – Thomas Maupin 6'9", Audrey Crawford 6'7"

2nd Grade – Gunner Lundstrom 7'11", Molly Miller 7'6"

3rd Grade – Mason Moeller 9'3", Ariyah Dodd 8'3"

4th Grade – Nolan Gaskin 8'9", Keeva Rasmussen 9'7"

5th Grade – Cord Marchant 11'6", Paisley Cundy 7'11"

6th Grade – Kade Mills 12'11", Baylie Moeller 10'1"


Kindergarten – Heat 1: Wyatt Garoutte, Jaden Dennis, Aspen McDonald, Evelyn Carlson; Heat 2: Jhett Olson, Lora Spark, Audie Hemmah, Conagher Spaulding

1st Grade – Heat 1: Kase Erikson, Layton Lindberg, Lane Helms, Liam-Jon Fenlason; Heat 2: Brady Bock, Mattie Ellsbury, Ivan Sandford, Kason Rasmussen


2nd Grade – Heat 1: Gunner Lundstorm, Kylah Thunder, Hartley Steele, Jett Gustafson; Heat 2: JJ Habeck, Maggie Geis, Griffin Gill, Natalie Halverson

3rd Grade – Heat 1: Tyce Erikson, Liam Bifulco, Zach Williamson, Nora Wood; Heat 2: Trapper Idler, Blair King Chelsea Helm, Tamsin Castelli

4th Grade – Heat 1: Josey Franzen, Rose Weaver, Kaleb Mills, Soraya Larsen; Heat 2: Nolan Gaskin, Violet King, Gideon DeGarcia, Meah Williamson

5th Grade – Heat 1: Ruslan Hrek, Hadlee Krell, Kallen Hento, Zyler Toth; Heat 2: Gatlan Ayer, Remmi Johnson, Cord Marchant, Taylor Asheim

6th Grade – Heat 1: Wudzie Zaato, Trevor Lyons, Alexa Henderson, Lyman Ellsbury; Heat 2: Calvin Williamson, Baylie Moeller, Kale Harless, Eliott Hege


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