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  • Wyoming needs to be bullish about energy!

    Mark Gordon, Governor of Wyoming|Dec 21, 2023

    Loading an unwilling bull into a trailer can be daunting, even if it is for its own good. Bulls tend to be testy and their size presents a special challenge. My dad’s approach involved roping the bull, dragging it to the trailer, attaching a block and tackle and then – after a good deal of cussing and a lathered-up saddle horse or two – we might wrench it into the trailer. We never hurt a bull, but we had some impromptu rodeos in the process. It didn’t always work, especially if the bull was distracted by somebody’s yappy dog or a party of...

  • Governor Gordon: We are building a thriving Wyoming

    Mark Gordon, Wyoming Governor|Sep 23, 2021

    As Wyoming’s economy and her communities continue their recovery from the impacts of the global pandemic, the state is now faced with a new challenge. How do we best utilize the additional stimulus funds the federal government has appropriated to help Wyoming regain its footing? The American Rescue Plan (ARP) funds are one-time infusions that can help build a stronger, more resilient Wyoming, and they should be treated as such. We have an opportunity to use these dollars to shape the future of our state, and it’s important to maximize the opp...

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