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100 Years Ago

April 3, 1924

Mine stripping with a steam shovel will begin at the Peerless mine of the Kirby Mutual Coal Company within a short time, according to a statement made last week by general manager at Gillette. A two and a half ton drag line shovel with 75 foot boom will be used. The overburden will be moved and a hole sunk for the steam shovel. A drag line shovel is anticipated by the company. Testing out of a half a square mile of acreage south of the railroad tracks, reveals the fact that there is 85 feet of coal with only 19 to 25 feet of an overburden of earth. This field is said to be the third largest known deposit of coal in the world.

Stockmen reported Monday that there is a decided shortage of feed in the upper Sundance basin. Weather moderated Monday after four days of storm, and it is likely that the crisis has passed.

75 Years Ago

April 7, 1949

Replanting of the Sundance Burn is scheduled to begin within a week if weather and snow conditions on the burn permit. This was announced today by George Gorsuch, forest ranger stationed at Sundance. Gorsuch said that a quarter of a million trees would be planted in the Bear Lodge district by the Black Hills National Forest service. The project will cover between 150 and 175 acres of land and should be completed within a month if weather conditions permit normal work progress. Gor-such explained that the planting was necessitated as natural reproduction on the burn was practically non-existent. The project will be under the direction of Gorsuch and will use 20 men hired from Sundance and the surrounding areas. Applications for the work should be made to Gorsuch at the ranger station. The overall cost of the tree-planting projects in the Black Hills this spring will be between $22,000-$25,000. The area of the burn was devastated in 1936 when fire swept through approximately 15,000 acres of timber. Part of the burn was replanted in 1940.

50 Years Ago

April 14, 1974

The drive for funds with which to build a Crook County Memorial Hospital has started again. The drive was re-activated at a meeting of the Sundance Commercial Club held, April 7. John Lindsey will head the drive and succeeds C. D. Roberts as chairman. The immediate goal of the drive is $15,000. If this amount is collected through voluntary contributions, it will be turned over to the Crook County Commissioners who will be requested to submit a bond issue to the voters for the difference to build the hospital. The fund now stands at $7500, according to Mrs. Bertha Frolander, treasurer of the drive.

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