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City of Sundance

March 5, 2024

The Town Council met this day in regular session at 7:00 p.m. in Sundance Council Chambers with Mayor Paul Brooks presiding. Roll call was taken by Mayor Paul Brooks with Council Members, Joe Wilson and Brad Marchant and Callie Hilty present. Randy Stevenson appearing by phone.



AT & T-Water Misc $55.42; BN DOORS LLC-Water Misc $521.00; Campbell County Public Works – Garbage Gate Fee $1240.80; Caselle Inc – Computer Support $1421.00; Crook County Sheriff-PS Contract $24,937.50; CW Waste-Garbage Gate Fee, Garbage Recycling $17,190.03; Dakota Business Center -Admin Office Supplies $161.94; Deborah King-Admin Janitorial $500.00; Deckers- Misc Exp $573.17; Energy Laboratories Inc-Water Testing $66.00; Gari Gill- Fire Equip & Maint $4201.72; Gari Gill-Fire VFA Grant $339.16; Hawkins - Chlorine Supply $40.00; Hughes, Mark -Admin City Attorney $2000.00 ; Huskers-Garbage Fuel $782.81; Langer Industrial Service-Garbage Hauler Fees $1716.00; Lowe Roofing of Wyoming LLC-General Insurance Claims $93,090.00; Marco-Admin Copy Machine $275.13; Municipal Emergency Services-Fire Equipment & Maint $1719.22; Northwest Pipe Fittings- Water Supplies $33.66; One Call of Wyo-Water One Call $24.75; Plains Towing and Recovery- Fire Equip & Maint $1000.00; Powder River Energy-Admin-Electricity, Street Lights, Tennis Courts, Softball, Water Electricity, Sewer Electricity, Garbage Electricity, Swimming Pool, Fire Electricity, Ambulance Electricity, Parks Electricity $11,847.89; Range Telephone-Admin Telephone, Garbage/Landfill, Public Safety, Water Internet, Ambulance Telephone $756.24; Rolling Metal- Shop Gas, Shop Diesel $693.01; Rusty Speidel- Animal Control/Deer $250.00; Servall Uniform- Admin-Janitorial $183.69;Sundance Extinguisher LLC- $708.00; Sundance Hardware-Shop Supplies, Water Misc, Sewer Misc $242.30; The Sundance Times-Admin Advertising, Pool Advertising, Water Advertising, Sewer Advertising, Garbage Advertising $783.00; Tracy Motor Comp-Garbage Supplies, Street Supplies, Water Misc, Shop Tools, Fire Dept Equip & Maint $1710.10; Trihydro Corp-Garbage Testing $230.00; Trihydro Corp- Water City Engineer $2000.00; Trihydro-Water 3rd Street $9176.75; Vanway Trophy & Award Inc $90.00;U.S. Postal Service $287.29; Visa #5219; Admin-Travel & Training, Computer Support $1317.00; Visa #6241- Street Supplies $254.35; Volunteer Firemen’s Pension Fund-Fire Dept Retirement-$281.25; Wade Henderson- Supplies Water $63.71; WAM-Travel & Training $520.00; WWC Restoration LLC-Daycare Building $150.00; Western Stationers-Office Supplies $75.48; Wonderware-Water Misc, Sewer Misc, Garbage Misc- $35.95; Payroll Administration, Maintenance,-Payroll $33,559.88; BC/BS-Health Insurance $13,780.25; City off Sundance-Flex Share $546.20; EFTPS $10,004.36; Great-West Trust-Deferred Comp-$350.00; NCPERS-Life In-$128.00; Sundance State Bank-Direct Deposit- $6.12; Symetra-Long Term Disability $340.08; Wyoming Retirement System $7464.33; Wyoming Workers Compensation-$1387.63

TOTAL $ 251,112.17

Approve Minutes of the City Council Regular Meeting of February 6, 2024, as published. Approve the February adjustment report. Approve the February Paid Invoice report. Approve the March Unpaid Invoice Report. MOTION CARRIED (per consent agenda).



Ordinance 1, 2024 Black Hills Energy Franchise Agreement – 2nd Reading

COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to approve Ordinance 1, 2024 on the 2nd Reading. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Perry Livingston Building Permit

COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT SECONDED a motion to approve Perry Livingston’s shop/garage permit as it was submitted originally in November. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.


Land Use and Planning Minutes of February 26, 2024

COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to approve the Land Use Committee Meeting minutes as written on February 26, 2024 pulling Ron Anhorn’s Water Connection Application. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

A. Adventure 307 LLC 4 Signs 105 N 3rd Street

B. Ronald Anhorn Water Connection Application 32 Wild Bunch Trail

C. Sheryl Klocker Preliminary Subdivision Drawing with variance 520 S 21st Street

COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY SECONDED a motion to accept Ron Anhorn’s Water Connection Application. During discussion, MAYOR BROOKS said that Mac Erickson, Public Works Director, Ron Anhorn and Mark Hughes, City Attorney need to meet to create an agreement that will have a disconnect clause and define where the meter pit is going to be. COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON said it also needs to include no ag land. OPPOSED BY COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT. MOTION CARRIED.

Crook County Promotion Board Appointment – Darlene Coder

COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to approve Darlene Coder as the City’s delegate for the Crook County Promotion Board. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

24 Hour Catering Permit – Turf Bar for Muley Fanatics March 9, 2024

COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to approve the 24 Hour Catering Permit for the Turf Bar on March 9, 2024. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Voting Delegates for 2024 WAM Summer Convention

COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY SECONDED a motion for Councilman Joe Wilson to be the City’s voting delegate at WAM Summer Convention. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Other – Public Works Director, Mac Erickson, Request to Purchase Loader

COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY SECONDED a motion to allow Mac Erickson, Public Works Director, to look at getting rid of the three loaders at the Transfer Station and allow MAYOR PAUL BROOKS to sign a Lease Purchase Agreement. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Executive Session – Employment


7:14pm Council went into Executive Session

7:29pm Council back into Regular Session

Anthony Vopat, EMS Coordinator, held discussion about the renewal of the Lease Agreement with the Crook County Medical Services District for the West Bay for Ambulances. There is concern that the West Bay is always open and the large amount of propane to heat the Fire Building. Mac Erickson and Mark Hughes will meet with Anthony Vopat to work on a contract together to decide whether a door needs to be installed for Ambulance Employees to use instead of the garage door and if they need to pay for their own propane expense.

Stacie McDonald, Black Hills Energy, reported about her meeting with City Attorney, Mark Hughes on the Franchise Agreement.

Tony Barton reported on the shop/garage building permit for Perry Livingston.

Ron Anhorn spoke about wanting to hook up to City Water by using a pumphouse and a booster pump.

Sheryl Klocker requested the council approve a preliminary subdivision drawing to split her storage units from her houses, along with a variance not to install infrastructure on the property.


Fire Chief Gari Gill reported that the department received extrication training from the state.

Public Works Director, Mac Erickson requested to get rid of three older loaders to buy a new one through a lease agreement. Would like to upgrade to keep moving forward. Will be mailing out a survey to residents on lead and copper services lines. Will meet with Sarah Pridgeon to do an ad in the paper. Bid opening on Ryan Street project on March 6, 2024.

Sheriff Jeff Hodge reported that 133 calls for February. Rescue equipment is available for Sundance Pond. Started up the Dare Program for the schools again. They are fully staffed. Deputies have been visiting the schools more often.

Ryan Christiansen, Engineer, reported that 3rd Street and Cleveland Project is just over 60% design. Received the waterline survey from Engineering Associates. Will be starting work on contracts. They will also be monitoring the landfill and doing ground water monitoring. They have a preliminary design and cost for a fix on High Mile Road.

Clerk Treasurer, Theresa Curren, reported that the Liquor License Renewals were mailed out and due March 15th. Will be publishing the last two weeks of March for the Public Hearing during the Council meeting on April 2, 2024. Announced Helen Engelhaupt’s retirement coming up in May. Would like permission to advertise for her replacement. Will be working with the Department Heads on the budget. Have set up Instant Payments to collect fees with credit cards, both at City Hall and the Transfer Station.

City Attorney Mark Hughes reported on the changes he made to Ordinance 1, 2024.

Meeting adjourned 7:30p.m.


Paul Brooks


ATTEST: City Clerk Theresa Curren

Publish: March 14, 2024

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