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Wyoming Hunger Initiative names new regional director in northeast region 

First Lady Jennie Gordon's Wyoming Hunger Initiative named Breean Waller as the new regional director for the northeast region of Wyoming defined as Campbell, Crook, Johnson, Sheridan and Weston counties. Regional Directors build and connect networks of local anti-hunger organizations and create a platform for communication of innovative ideas to solve food insecurity. 

There are grassroots efforts in every Wyoming county dedicated to reducing hunger and combating food insecurity. Instead of reinventing the wheel, Wyoming Hunger Initiative was launched to work to prevent food insecurity by increasing awareness and support for the work of local anti-hunger organizations statewide.

Breean Waller, the Program Coordinator for Johnson County Friends Feeding Friends in Buffalo, has been instrumental in fighting food insecurity for quite some time prior to being named a Regional Director. Breean has and continues to champion access to healthy and nourishing food for all advocating for a world that is kinder, friendlier and a more compassionate place. Breean and her husband Jim have two children and she feels blessed to call Wyoming her home. 

"Regional Directors were chosen to represent a region based on their awareness of food insecurity or role within their community that is directly related to food insecurity," said First Lady Jennie Gordon. "Breean is an excellent addition to our team as she is passionate about this work and is committed to the fight against food insecurity in Wyoming." 

Breean will replace Lori Dickinson of Sheridan who served in this capacity for nearly three years prior to leaving her position with the Cent$ible Nutrition Program earlier this year.