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City of Sundance

November 7, 2023

The Town Council met this day in regular session at 7:00 p.m. in Sundance Council Chambers with Mayor Paul Brooks presiding. Roll call was taken by Mayor Paul Brooks with Council Members, Callie Hilty, Randy Stevenson, Joe Wilson and Brad Marchant present.



21 Water-Electric Maint- $264.30; AT & T-Water Misc $106.94; Campbell County Public Works – Garbage Gate Fee $1543.20; Caselle Inc – Computer Support $1421.00; Cheyann Negaard- PeeWee Football-Recreation $100.00; City Clerk Treasurer-Admin Postage 7.35; Cogent Inc.- Sewer Generator $35,000.00; Cole Ranch LLC-Water Cole $8457.17; Crook County Natural Resources- Landfill Days $2000.00; Crook County Sheriff-PS Contract $24,937.50; Curren, Theresa- Travel & Training $605.22; CW Waste-Garbage Gate Fee, Garbage Recycling $18,828.08; Deckers- Pool, Admin $69.48; EB Communications-Computer Hardware $4899.00; Energy Laboratories Inc-Water Testing $128.00; ESO Solutions-Travel & Training $552.00; Gari Gill-Travel & Training $365.31; Grimms Pump & Industrial Supply- Shop Supplies $858.74; Grossenburg Implement Inc- Parks-Vehicle Maint $169.72; Hach Company-Water Supplies $86.45; Hartl Electric-Street Light Maint $505.69; Hawkins Water Treatment-Water Chlorine Supply $40.00; Huskers-Garbage Fuel $820.26; Hughes, Mark -Admin City Attorney $2000.00; International Assoc of Arson Investigators $103.00; Joe Wilson- Mayor & Council Travel & Training $44.54; Leo Riley &

Company $8000.00; Marco-Admin Copy Machine $272.98; Marco Technologies LLC $8.71; Municipal Emergency Services $6589.00; Meuller Co-Water Supplies $1029.00; Northwest Pipe Fittings- Water Supplies $1035.11; One Call of Wyo-Water One Call $36.75; Powder River Energy-Admin-Electricity, Street Lights, Tennis Courts, Softball, Water Electricity, Sewer Electricity, Garbage Electricity, Swimming Pool, Fire Electricity, Ambulance Electricity, Parks Electricity $11,044.99; Range Telephone-Admin Telephone, Garbage/Landfill, Public Safety, Water Internet, Ambulance Telephone $635.32; Rolling Metal- Shop Gas, Shop Diesel, Garbage/Sanitation, Fire Fuel $1340.32; Safeguard Business Systems $399.13; Servall Uniform- Admin-Janitorial $183.69; Slattery Enterprises Inc-Special Programs $264.00; State of Wyoming -Dept of Enterprise Technology Services $1.12; Sundance Custom Steel LLC-Water Misc $67.84; Sundance Hardware-Admin-Janitorial, Shop Supplies, Fire Supplies $220.84; The Sundance Times-Admin Advertising, Garage/Landfill Advertising, Garbage Supplies $1602.77; Terry Everard-Parks Supplies $82.61; - Tracy Motor Comp-Streets Misc, Fire Dept Maint $308.39; Trihydro Corp-Garbage Testing $969.00; Trihydro Corp- Sewer City Engineer $2000.00; Trihydro Corp-Water 3rd Street- $10,623.25; U.S. Postal Service $360.56; Enterprises LLC-Building Daycare $273.92; Visa # 5219- Admin Travel & Training, Admin Computer Support $313.20; Visa #6241-Admin Travel & Training, Pool Supplies $33.52; Visible Difference-Admin Janitorial, Park Toilet Maint $1400.00; Volunteer Firemen’s Pension Fund-Fire Dept Retirement-$356.25; Western Water Consultants Inc-Water Ryan Street $679.00; Wonderware- Water Misc., Sewer Misc., Garbage Misc $36.95; Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments-$9748.01; Payroll Administration, Maintenance,-Payroll $39,908.01; BC/BS-Health Insurance $12,334.90; City off Sundance-Flex Share $546.20; EFTPS -$12,233.81; Great-West Trust-Deferred Comp-$1290.00; NCPERS-Life In-$144.00; Sundance State Bank-Direct Deposit- $6.33; Symetra-Long Term Disability $401.41; Wyoming Retirement System $7951.49; Wyoming Workers Compensation-$1701.77.

TOTAL $ 240,347.10

Approve Minutes of the City Council Regular Meeting of October 3, 2023, as published. Approve the October adjustment report. Approve the October Paid Invoice report. Approve the November Unpaid Invoice Report. MOTION CARRIED (per consent agenda).



Trihydro Update

City Engineer Michelle Sell and Ryan Christenson reported that they getting construction cost estimates. They hope to get the costs to the city by the end of the month. They are doing 3rd Street potholing. Geotech work has been completed and working towards 60% complete on plans.

Deer culling update

22 deer have been shot since the lease was approved. The shooters will be getting ready to start again and will be allowed to shoot 78 more by December 31, 2023.

Land Use and Planning – Variance for Adventures 307 LLC (Coder) Corner Lot

COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON SECONDED a motion to table for a month until legal council can look to see if a variance can be given. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Ordinance 2, 2023-Amending Ordinance 8, 1986 – “No more than three (3) dogs in any one home or residence shall be allowed.” 2nd Reading

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT SECONDED a motion to approve Ordinance 2, 2023 on its 2nd reading. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Bonds for city employees for a position bond

COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON SECONDED a motion to remove Police Chief and Utility Specialist from the Position Bond and add Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem to be bonded at $10,000 each. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.


Land Use and Planning Minutes of October 30, 2023

COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON SECONDED a motion to approve Building Permits as presented and pulling out items D and E. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

A. Jeanette Crawford 1997 Single Wide 814 S. 21st Street

B. Jeremiah Hegge 22’x24’ Storage Building 2409 E Cleveland Street

C. Cris Mellot New House 1116 Patriot Place

D. Richard Ryan Pole Barn with Connex Boxes 240 West Main Street

E. Jason & Darlene Coder Permit to sell Used Vehicles 101 N 3rd Street

Discussion was made on Richard Ryan’s building permit. He would like to construct a pole barn and use two conex storage containers on the sides. The conexes will be built around, so that they won’t be seen.

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to table for 30 days and ask Richard Ryan to be at the next meeting to speak to the council and come to an agreement on a timeline and possible variance. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Janette Wolf – Promotion Board Appointment

COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to appoint Janette Wolf to the Crook County Promotion Board. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Resolution 14, 2023 – Budget Amendment for Economic Development Grant

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY SECONDED a motion to approve Resolution 14, 2023, to allow Theresa Curren to add a line item to the budget for $100,000 in Federal Funding for 2023 Safe Streets and Roads for All grant program for the Sundance Economic Taskforce. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Sewer Ordinance 5, 2010 – Heath Waddell Sewer Holding Tank

Discussion was made by Joe Baron, Crook County & Prosecuting Attorney, Tim Lyons, Director of Crook County Planning and Council about Heath Waddell’s sewer holding tank. Mr. Waddell said that he would remove the tank and speak to Mac Erickson, Public Works Director to come up with a plan to tap into Sundance sewer.

24-Hour Alcoholic Beverage Permit – Longhorn for Ladies Night

COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to approve the 24-Hour Catering Permit for the Longhorn for Ladies Night on November 25, 2023. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.


Wendy Crisp requested an extension to the variance that she had received to live in her RV on her daughter’s property.

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY SECONDED a motion to grant an extension of one year to Wendy Crisp’s variance to Ordinance 2, 2008. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY SECONDED a motion to appoint Joe Wilson, Council member to the Crook County Joint Powers Board. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT SECONDED a motion to award the Janitorial Bid to Deb King for $500/month to clean City Hall and $900/month to clean seasonal park restrooms and concession stand. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Jim Long and Alyssa Truax spoke to the council about ¾ of High Mile road without a gutter. Mac Erickson, Public Works Director, will take a look at it.

Kenny Rathbun asked the council about having an agreement and application to get on city water. Theresa Curren stat ed that we are almost ready to get the agreement and application to the city attorney to review.


Deputy Sheriff Troy Skeens, Crook County Sheriff’s Office, reported 122 calls for the month.

Fire Chief Gari Gill reported that they had 142 people at the Sundance Volunteer Fire Department Open House.

Public Works Director, Mac Erickson reported that he has been working on the 3rd Street project. Surveying is done and have found four out of eight old water lines. They have received the DEQ permit to do construction on Ryan Street. Did not receive TAP grant due to eligibility requirements. Will continue to look for grants for the culvert replacement on 3rd Street. Did receive the Energy Retrofit Grant.

Jeremy Holt, Economic Development Board, reported that they received the Safe Streets grant for $100,000 and are waiting to hear about the matching Governor’s grant for $25,000.

Theresa Curren, Clerk Treasurer, reported that everything that she was going to report on was already talked about.

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT SECONDED a motion to go into Executive Session on the hospice of Employees. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Council went into Executive Session at 7:24pm.

Council came out of Executive Session at 7:48pm.

Meeting adjourned 7:48 p.m.

Mayor Paul Brooks


ATTEST: City Clerk

Theresa Curren

Publish: November 16, 2023

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