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U.S. Senate candidate to host town hall in Sundance

Newly announced congressional candidate Reid Rasner will be visiting Sundance during his weekly “town hall meetings” tour of Wyoming next month.

Rasner will be present between 10 and 11 a.m. at the Crook County Library on September 16.

The meetings are intended to kick off Rasner’s “We the People” tour as he campaigns to win U.S. Senator John Barrasso’s seat in 2024.

Rasner describes himself as a proud fourth-generation Wyomingite. He has a diploma from Natrona County High School and a degree from the University of Wyoming and is now a wealth manager by profession.

Rasner wants to represent the people of Wyoming on the national stage with “strong leadership and a resolute voice”. In a press release, he describes himself as a “passionate advocate for American values and a firm believer in putting America first.”

His intent, he says, is to bring about meaningful change by addressing critical issues and implementing necessary reforms.

Reisner says his priorities include term limits in Congress, completing the border wall, eliminating excessive spending and streamlining burdensome regulations. He also wants to balance the budget and launch investigations into “corrupt bureaucracies that have misled and harmed the American people.”

Rasner also claims to have a comprehensive plan to ensure the long-term solvency of Social Security and Medicare without increasing taxes.

“I have forged my business through unwavering resolve and living by the Cowboy Code of Ethics,” Rasner said.

“I don’t mince words, I call it how I see it. Wyoming deserves a strong voice, backed by indestructible values that remain fair and square, just and honest even when faced with diversity. I will bring those values and that same resolve to the U.S. Senate.”