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City of Sundance, Wyoming

July 5, 2023

The Town Council met this day in regular session at 7:00 p.m. with Mayor Paul Brooks presiding.

Roll call was taken by Mayor Paul Brooks with Council Members, Callie Hilty and Brad Marchant, Randy Stevenson and Joe Wilson present.


Curt Williamson- Customer Deposits Payable $100.00; 21 Electric- Water Electric Maint $9732.45; American Highway Products Street Supplies $885.01, ASC Pumping Equipment-Pool Capital Equip $1066.50; AT & T -Water Misc $155.55; Blakeman Propane-Tank Rental Landfill $60.00; Croell Inc-Streets Maint-Parks $347.32; Campbell County Public Works-Garbage Gate Fee $2378.80; Caselle Inc – Computer Support $1421.00; City Clerk Treasurer-Admin Postage $24.00; Climate Solutions-Building Building $18,426.00; Croell Inc-Streets Capital Improvement $176,760.00;Crook County Sheriff Service- PS-Contract $23,750.00; Crook County Weed & Pest $302.52; Custom Auto & Truck -Parks System Repairs $323.69; CW Waste-Garbage Gate Fee, Garbage Recycling $35,800.89; Dakota Business Center-Admin Office Supplies $48.99; Decker’s Food Market-Fire Dept, Pool Supplies $665.54; Energy Lab-Water Testing $257.00; Fuller Construction Inc-Water System Repairs $621.90; Gari Gill-Maintenance & Equip $87.65; Grossenburg- Cemeteries-Equip Maint, Streets Maint & Parts $733.02; Hartl Electric- Streets Light Maint -$1641.85; Hawkins Water Treatment-Water Chlorine Supply, Pool Chemicals $1588.85; Joe Wilson-Mayor & Council Travel & Training $1165.47; Mark Hughes- Admin City Attorney Retainer $2000.00; Huskers-Garbage Fuel $1228.50; Local Government Liability Pool-Admin Ins $4191.00; Marco-Admin Copy Machine $279.50; Omega Computers-Computer Hardware $2796.00; Natalie Skeens Pool Training $294.00; Netunwired LLC Water Generator $9590.00; One-Call of Wyoming $33.75; Powder River Energy- Admin, Street Lights, Tennis Courts, Softball, Water, Sewer, Garbage, Daycare, Swimming Pool, Fire, Ambulance, Parks Electricity $10,788.55; Range Telephone-Admin, Fire & Ambulance, Garbage, Fire, Swimming Pool $615.88; Rolling Metal-Shop Gas, Shop Diesel, Garbage, Fire- Fuel $2062.77; Ruby Drilling Company Inc-$3843.50; Sacrison Paving Inc- Streets Outdoor Courts $13,430.00; Security Ins Agency Inc-Admin Insurance $152.50; Serendipity-Streets Flowers $848.50; Servall-Admin Janitorial $520.26; Sundance Hardware- Garbage Supplies, Pool Misc, , Janitorial Supplies $619.60; Sundance Rentals-General Misc Exp $570.00; The Sundance Times- Admin Advertising, Pool Advertising, Garbage Advertising - $694.00; Tracy Motor-Garbage Misc, Street Misc, Parks Supplies, Shop Supplies $ 1941.66; Trihydro Corp-Garbage Testing $4322.95; Trihydro Corp- Water City Engineer $4000.00; U.S. Postal Service $346.36; U.S. Postal Service- Annual Permit Renewal Fee $290.00; Veto Enterprises-Fire Equipment & Maint $18,900.00; Visa # 5219- Admin Computer Support , Pool Supplies, Admin Water Travel & Training $894.94 ; Visa #5235- Admin Travel & Training, Pool Supplies, Sports Equipment $803.37; Visible Difference - Admin Janitorial $3025.00; Volunteer Firemen’s Pension Fund-Fire Dept Retirement-$412.50; WAM- Mayor & Council Training $265.00; Western Water Consultants INC-Water Ryan Street $8853.00; Wonderware- Water Misc., Sewer Misc., Garbage Misc $35.95; Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments-SLIB Loan $47,448.06; Wyoming Office of State Lands and Investments-DWSRF102 $3,791.17 $ Payroll Administration, Maintenance,-Payroll $46,547.44; BC/BS-Health Insurance $12,297.85; City off Sundance-Flex Share $546.20; Dearborn Life Insurance Company-Life Ins $134.40; EFTPS -$12,777.34; Great-West Trust-Deferred Comp-$1290.00; NCPERS-Life In-$128.00; Sundance State Bank-Direct Deposit- $7.73; Symetra-Long Term Disability $328.22; Wyoming Retirement System $7213.19; Wyoming Workers Compensation-$1294.56

TOTAL $510,797.20

Approve Minutes of the City Council Regular Meeting of June 6, 2023, as published. Approve the June adjustment report. Approve the June Paid Invoice report. Approve the July Unpaid Invoice Report. MOTION CARRIED (per consent agenda).

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to approve the Land Use Meeting minutes permits as written. COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON made a friendly amendment to pull Council member Callie Hilty’s permit out. COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON moved to approve Council member Callie Hilty’s permit. COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY recused herself. COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON SECONDED. MAYOR BROOKS voted in COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY’S place. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Building Permits Issued:

A. Todd Beagle 406 E. Alden St Fence

B. Wesley Davis 108 N. 8th St Shed

C. Craig Hemmah 121 N. 12th St Addition

D. Callie Hilty 416 E. Thompson St Reconstruct Deck

E. Mark Hughes 512 E. Park St Fence

F. Bruce McClure 402 E. Thompson St Concrete Pad

G. Joel Morgan 617 S. 6th St Shed, Deck & Carport

COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON SECONDED a motion to approve Resolution 12, 2023 – Fire Department ARPA Grant Application. COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT made a friendly amendment to also include the Office of State Lands & Investments Local Government Project ARPA Grants Certification Statement. COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON SECONDED. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to allow Clerk Treasurer Theresa Curren to provide Economic Development Board the information they need to complete the grant and for Mayor Brooks to sign a letter of support. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to approve the ESRI Small Government 2023 Addendum. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED

COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to approve the Alcohol Permits for the Dime Horseshoe on July 28, 2023 and August 9, 2023. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to allow CITY ATTORNEY HUGHES to write a letter to the owners of the property formerly known as the Higbee’s property requesting that the hole be filled for public safety. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Mayor Brooks requested Clerk Treasurer Theresa Curren to schedule a meeting for the council to discuss those out of town wishing to hook up to City water.

Discussion on RVs in town becoming permanent on a public street in accordance with Ordinance 2, 2008.

Larry Schommer, County Supervisor for Facilities Maintenance, spoke with Matt, US Forestry, concerning the City trees on Cleveland Street. The trees are dying of blight and would cost $400 per tree to fix. Roots are acidic, so it isn’t good to plant new ones over the same roots. Mr. Schommer would like to replace the trees with planters or statues. Mr. Schommer suggested moving the trees onto the grass instead of leaving them where they are.

Kenny Rathbun, Bearlodge Engineering, asked about Ryan Kaski hooking up to city services.

Department Head Reports:

Jeremy Holt, Economic Development Board, reported that the Board will be turning in an application for the USDOT Safe Streets and Roads For All 2023 Planning and Demonstration Grant. The Board would like to see the feasibility of extending 21 Street under the interstate.

City Engineer Karla Greaser kicked off the 3rd Street Waterline Project. Scott Lee, Trihydro, will be managing the project. Looking at alternatives on Cleveland Street for relocating water lines.

Sheriff Department reported 159 calls for the month.

Fire Chief Gari Gill reported that the dollar amount for the ARPA grant application for the addition to the fire hall has increased. They picked up the used Expedition that the fire department purchased. Working on a 3-year tire replacement program for the spare tires on the engines which will cost about $1,000 per tire. Mr. Gill will be working with Campbell County on a Cadet program because there are four seniors this year.

Public Works Director, Mac Erickson reported that the paving on the city streets went well and that Croell did a good job. The roof is being inspected again, this time by an engineer, for an insurance claim that happened in 2018. Replaced the air conditioning units in City Hall and Council Chambers. Mr. Erickson reported that people are living in RVs.

Theresa Curren, Clerk Treasurer, reported that City residents used their Landfill Coupons in June and had just over 50 tons of trash. Ms. Curren asked about the portion of South Mountain Road being vacated and if the City objects. The City has had someone charging personal orders from Amazon on the City credit card and cannot figure out who is doing it. The TAP Grant for the 3rd Street Culvert/Bridge was reviewed and will be turned in the second week of July for approval. Undersheriff Alex Jessen gave a hand out concerning the First Amendment Auditors and what City Hall should and should not do.

COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to cancel the City credit card that is having trouble with Amazon purchases and replace it. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Mark Hughes, City Attorney, reported that Chris Ringer, an Attorney from Gillette, is the Upton Judge and is willing to be Sundance’s judge. Mr. Ringer would rather be paid by insurance only and if that is not possible, then his charge is $150-$200/hour.

Meeting adjourned 7:30 p.m.

Acting Mayor Brad Marchant


City Clerk Theresa Curren

Publish: July 20, 2023

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