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Tuesday, June 6, 2023

8:30 o’clock a.m. Present were Chairman Fred M. Devish, Vice-Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Member Bob Latham and County Clerk Melissa Jones.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited to the Flag.

Kelly moved to approve the minutes from May 2, 3, 15 & 22. Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Bob moved per W.S. 9-4-504 to give 5% ($8,751.49) of the Forest Reserve Funds to the School General Fund and the remaining balance ($166,278.38) to the Road and Bridge Fund. Discussion was held. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Kelly moved to approve the following resolution:



WHEREAS Crook County adopted the Fiscal Year 2023 Budget in accordance with the Wyoming Uniform Fiscal Procedures Act; and

WHEREAS the Board of Crook County Commissioners wishes to amend the adopted budget in accordance with the same Act; and

WHEREAS, no protests were received regarding such transfer.

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the following budget amendments are made.

• $20,000.00 to VFA Grant – From Unanticipated Revenues

Dated this 6th day of June 2023

Board of County Commissioners in and for Crook County, Wyoming by Fred M. Devish, Chairman, Kelly B. Dennis, Vice-Chairman and Bob Latham, Member.

State of Wyoming }

County of Crook }

Signed or attested before me on June 6, 2023, by Fred M. Devish, Chairman, Kelly B. Dennis, Vice-Chairman, and Bob Latham, Member, Board of Crook County Commissioners in and for Crook County, Wyoming.

Melissa Jones, Crook County Clerk

Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Bob moved to have the Chairman sign two Contract Change Orders with Max Masters dba Geographic Innovations extending the term of the contract to June 30, 2024. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Kelly moved to have the Chairman sign a Contract Change Orders with Raquel Croell extending the term of the contract to June 30, 2024. Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

The following bills were presented to the Board:

Claimant-Description-Amount Allowed:

Total Wages and Cell Phone Stipend-$234,655.14;Sublette County Unified Fire-1969 Willys-$10,000.00;AFLAC-Insurance-$2,057.10;Clerk of the District Court-Garnishment-$226.00;Col. Life & Accident Ins. Co.-Insurance-$26.40;Crook Circuit Court-Garnishment-$842.61;Crook County Payroll Tax Account-Withholding & Social Security-$69,454.98;Great-West Trust Company, LLC-Deferred Compensation-$3,300.00;NCPERS Wyoming-Life Insurance-$144.00;New York Life Insurance Company-Life Insurance-$379.78;PA SCDU-Garnishment-$660.00;WY Department of Workforce Services-Worker’s Compensation-$3,793.44;Wyoming Retirement System-Retirement-$54,252.72;Wyoming Educator’s Benefit Trust-Health, Dental, Vision and Life Insurance-$69,253.32;911 Supply-Uniform Shirts-$271.97;A & B Business Inc-Copies & Copier-$4,123.94;A & I Distributors-Oil -$2,853.25;Alsco-Shop & Courthouse Supplies-$488.21;April D. Gill-Cell Phone Reimbursement-$45.00;AT&T Mobility-Cell Phone-$972.71;Axis Forensic Toxicology-Drug Panel -$282.00;Big Horn Telecommunications-Parts & Labor-$120.00;Black Hills Chemical Co.-Courthouse Supplies -$981.91;Blakeman Propane Inc-Propane-$604.86;Bob Latham-Mileage-$43.23;Bomgaars-Farm Cart, Shears & Batteries -$632.74;Brannan Trucking Inc -Contract Hauling -$14,430.00;Cascade Fire Equipment-Foam-Flo-$1,140.00;CBH Co-op-Fuel-$30,224.09;CDS Supplies -Parts-$113.13;Centurylink-E911 Telephone-$1,405.81;Charm-Tex Inc -Jail Supplies -$1,672.60;Ciox Health-Reports-$36.46;Circuit Court of Crook County-Audio Recording -$5.00;City of Gillette-Water-$7.50;City of Sundance-Water-$1,773.41;Clear Choice Headsets & Technology LLC-Head Set & Ear Mold -$207.00;Clerk of the District Court-Jury Account Funding -$5,000.00;Coffee Cup Fuel Stop -Fuel-$138.35;Collins Communications-Fire Alarm Monitoring& Replace Panic Button -$476.00;Communication Technologies Inc-Parts & Labor -$2,610.00;Continental Western Group-Policy Endorsement - New Fire Truck-$105.00;Croell Inc-Road Base -$637.16;Crook County Medical Services Dist.-Prisoner Meals & Foods-$5,825.90;Crook County Treasurer-Postage-$55.99;Crook County Weed & Pest -Spray -$544.30;Custom Auto & Truck-Service, Parts, Repairs -$10,281.64;Danece Day -Mileage & Meal-$175.60;David Osborne-Mileage & Registration -$541.34;Day Law -Court Appointed Attorney Fees-$300.00;Decker’s Market-Supplies-$100.95;Dooley Enterprises Inc -Ammo-$2,061.94;Dru Consulting LLC-Consulting Services -$5,919.45;Dustbusters Inc -Mag Spray System-$11,856.00;Employment Testing Services Inc-Drug Testing -$60.00;Fastenal Company -Supplies -$142.75;Fence Tech Services LLC-Fencing materials & Removal -$7,363.90;Floyds Truck Center WY-Parts & Labor -$1,037.64;Fred Devish-Mileage-$269.21;Gillette Printing & Engraving Co Inc -Decals-$858.57;GlaxosmithKline -Vaccines-$1,832.23;Harris Govern Ft Collins User Group Inc -Annual Dues-$150.00;HDR Engineering, Inc.-Project Expenditures-$2,721.25;Heimans Fire Equipment-Parts-$7,146.49;Hills Interiors Inc -Wall Base -$264.00;Humprey Law LLC-Court Appointed Attorney Fees-$155.00;Integritas Forum LLC-Supplies -$28.98;Jason Perry-EMD Medical Training -$225.00;Jeffrey Hodge-Cell Phone Reimbursement-$45.00;JT Fabrication -Stairs -$300.00;Kelly B. Dennis-Mileage-$329.47;Kimball Midwest-Supplies-$175.78;KLH Consulting Inc-Computer Services-$11,449.45;Knecht Home Center of Spearfish LLC-Parts-$2,195.18;Kregel Towing & Recovery -Towing -$98.60;Lakeview Wash & Storage-Car Washes-$181.68;Light & Siren -Lightbars -$857.00;Lubnau Law-Court Appointed Attorney Fees-$241.20;Marco Technologies LLC-Copy / Maint Fees-$154.51;Max Robert Masters-GIS Consulting & Mapping Contract-$3,400.00;Midsouth Solutions-Uniform Hats-$215.00;Morgan Ellsbury-Monthly Truck Lease-$1,100.00;Motorola Solutions, Inc.-System Fees, Service Fees-$1,482.60;Pamela K McMahon-Appeal Transcript-$104.00;Paradise Foods-Fuel-$59.15;Powder River Energy Corp.-Electricity -$6,268.66;Powder River Power, Div of Purvis-Parts-$272.60;Prairie Auto Parts -Parts-$22.78;Print Mark-et-Vinyl Letters & Raffle Tickets-$399.57;Quadient Finance USA Inc -Postage Machine Supplies -$255.55;Quality Agg & Construction, Inc-J Base & Clean-$1,417.54;Quill Corporation-Office Supplies & Chair -$418.10;R & S Plumbing Services -Labor -$425.00;Range Telephone Cooperative Inc-Telephone-$13,840.67;Raquel Croell-County Website Maintenance-$500.00;Razor City Locksmith -Key -$20.00;RG Trucking -Contract Hauling -$3,413.80;Rolling Metal Sinclair-Fuel-$89.35;Runnings Supply Inc-Parts-$485.72;Salam International Inc -Disaster Pouches & Gloves -$3,592.55;Sara Fleenor-Mileage -$96.76;Security Insurance Agency Inc-Notary Bonds -$150.00;Sign Solutions -Signs & Rivets-$1,373.56;Stericycle -Medical Waste Disposal -$69.00;Stickman Cupcakes -Cupcakes -$108.00;Sundance Custom Steel LLC-Parts-$284.00;Sundance Hardware & Sporting Goods-Parts & Supplies-$260.01;Sundance State Bank-Direct Deposit Fees-$10.25;Sundance Times-Subscriptions, Legal, Ads -$1,451.25;Svoboda Trucking -Contract Hauling -$4,870.13;Sylvestri Customization -Supplies -$1,700.00;Tamara Jundt-Mileage -$571.16;The Master’s Touch LLC -Mailings-$1,587.55;Thos Y Pickett & Co Inc -Contract Payment -$7,000.00;Timberline Services Inc.-Contract Hauling -$3,345.58;Top Office Products, Inc.-Copies-$153.46;Town of Hulett-Water-$62.30;Town of Moorcroft-Water-$67.69;Tracy Motor Company-Parts & Supplies-$5,824.39;US Post Office -Box Dues -$480.00;Verizon Connect Fleet USA LLC-Verizon Connect -$173.49;Vilas Pharmacy-Jail Meds-$397.53;Virginia Burke -Reimbursement-$127.19;Visa-Supplies, Adobe, Straight Talk, Travel Expenses, Adobe, Jail Supplies, Jail Cable, Postage, Aladdin Internet, Parts, Sight Mounts, Washer-$12,521.79;Visionary Broadband-Internet Service-$1,955.54;Wells Plumbing & Farm Supply-Parts & Culverts-$82,828.20;Wendy Depina-Mileage-$73.36;Western Stationers-Office Supplies-$132.91;Wildland Warehouse-Hose -$550.00;Windstream-Telephone-$176.61;WY Department of Workforce Services-Worker’s Compensation-$572.09;WY Retirement System-Firemen’s Retirement-$431.25;WY Secretary of State-Notary Filing Fees-$120.00;WY State Forestry Division -Parts-$80.99;WYDOT-Financial Services-Project Expenditures-$1,133.18;Wyoming Coroner’s Association -Dues -$175.00;Wyoming County Assessor’s Association -Dues, Banquet & Tour-$354.00;Wyoming Educator’s Benefit Trust-Cobra VSP-$10.58;Total-$765,454.26;

Kelly moved to allow all bills as presented. Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

The following monthly collections were collected:

County Clerk $16,084.25

County Sheriff $28,567.50

Clerk of District Court $2,921.69

Circuit Court $11,678.00

Public Health (April) $2,744.96

Discussion was held on creating rules on agendas, meetings and minutes.

Julie Altaffer, Clerk of District Court, Jeff Hodge, County Sheriff, Dan Thomas, County Assessor, Tammy Jundt, County Treasurer and Joseph Baron, County Attorney, were present to go over items of interest within their departments.

Dan Thomas, County Assessor: There were 55 deeds that were filed last month that are in the process of transferring ownership into our CAMA system. My abstract hearing with the State Board of Equalization is on June 14th at 1:30PM in Cheyenne. We will go over the Abstracts at that time. There are currently twelve formal appeals that have been filed. Three of which have entered into a settlement agreement to be reviewed by the County Board of Equalization at a designated time.

Julie Altaffer, Clerk of District Court: Total Receipts: $3,198.70 with $2,921.69 to the County 8 new case filings 1 new appeal 37 record searches 14 passports, resubmitted 1 passport with additional information2 criminal appeals in process 145 open cases that are pending Processed dispositions on 21 cases Our juror qualification is now complete. We finished sealing the court reporter transcripts and we also finished reconciling our past divorce records with Vital Statistics Services in Cheyenne to ensure they have all of the divorce decrees that have been filed in our court. We both completed online security training for our Child Support Program. I attended a Teams Meeting regarding our FCE program that we use. I also attended a Child Support Authority Board Meeting, a budget meeting with the County Commissioners, an Employee Compensation Committee Meeting, a special Child Support Authority Board Meeting and the Department Heads Meeting.

Tammy Jundt, County Treasurer: Total receipts were $4,148,503.79 and disbursements to the county, county boards, towns and schools were $1,276,397.58. In May we did 3,707 transactions. I worked on the county budget and entered April revenue on the budget worksheet. We were very busy at the counter as May 10th was the tax deadline for 2nd half of the 2022 property taxes. Printed and mailed delinquent property tax notices on May 15th. I went to the Spring Treasurer meeting in Pinedale, WY. It was very informative and helpful. Effective July 1, 2023, lightweight trailers, less than 1,000 lbs, permanent plates are available. Also, a nonresident worker permit has been extended to a maximum of six months instead of four months and is still $50/month. Met with Joe and Dan and later Mel, regarding a mobile home in Moorcroft. The land the mobile home sits on was sold at a Sheriff’s sale years ago. And the owners of the mobile home are deceased, so taxes have not been paid on mobile home since 2018. I participated in the Employee Compensation Committee and Dept Head meetings. 

Jeff Hodge, County Sheriff: presented the jail statistics, repeaters are up at Warren Peak, new batteries needed for those repeaters, Alva repeaters should be up and running by the end of the month, Governor is talking about deploying local officers to the border, to understand the situation at hand.

Joe Baron, County Attorney: Criminal Cases in the past month: New Cases: 65 Closed Cases: 49 Current Case Load: 108 In Court: 59 times Juvenile Cases: 24 cases involving minors in Juvenile Court or Diversion. Civil work. Reviewed ownership of real property issues; Issued a Large Acreage Subdivision Regulation Opinion limiting the use of the exemptions as stated in the regulations adopted by the Commissioners and allowed by the statutes. Reviewed Applications for the uses of Opioid Settlement Funds. Researched County Road No. 93 Road issues and prepared opinion. Reviewed filings for the County Board of Equalization, started researching notice issues for the South Mountain Road vacation, prepared for and conducted Board Training on May 11. Attended BLM Planning meeting on May 15. Provided legal research and advice concerning assessment, taxation, distraint and titling issues. Prepared draft of KLH Contract. Prepared Memo on Commissioner oversite of Weed and Pest Budget.

Melissa Jones, County Clerk: office made 344 titles and recorded 471 documents, presented at the board training, attended a virtual marriage license meeting, department head meeting, compensation committee meeting, and budget meetings, working on budget information, working with a couple entities on acquiring liquor licenses, mailed in the County Attorney reimbursement, processing BOE paperwork as it comes in, tracking special districts proposed budgets.

County Commissioners: Bob: attended library lunch, board training, Farrall fire fund raiser, WCCA meetings, and fielded Weed & Pest calls. Kelly: attended regular meetings and lots of board meetings, fielded calls on roads, did a road inspection on Grazing Association Road on wash overs and sent pictures to Morgan. Fred: attended board training, WCCA meetings, Health, Safety & Social Services meeting discussing EMS, checked flooding on county roads, gave Fire Warden a ride to Sundance to pick up his fire truck.

Tammy Jundt, County Treasurer submitted the following monthly report of receipts and disbursements for month end May 2023:

Receipts: Property Tax $2,903,571.77

Sales Tax $189,053.19

Misc Receipts $835,792.37

County Auto $220,086.46

Total $ 4,148,503.79

Disbursements Towns $ 149,389.37

County Boards/Districts $ 167,227.92

State & Local School $ 723,311.15

DOT/DOR/Rebate $ 236,469.14

Redemption -

Total $ 1,276,397.58

Investments Sundance State Bank -

Wyo-Star $ 422,106.29 $1,307.66 April interest

Wyoming Class $ 3,099,528.85 $ 12,387.65 April interest

Dan Thomas, County Assessor, presented the following tax roll correction: P0112055. Kelly moved to approve the tax correction as presented. Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Alex Jessen, Chairman, Tammy Jundt and Bonnie Stahla, Members and via conference call Tina Wood, Member, Compensation Committee, gave a monthly report. Also present were Jeff Hodge, Julie Altaffer, Alycia Conroy-Davis and Joe Baron.

Joe Baron and Morgan Ellsbury discussed Old Sundance Road #93.

Morgan Ellsbury, Road and Bridge Superintendent and Larry Schommer, Facilities Maintenance Foreman, gave their monthly reports.

Bob moved to approve a License for Use of County Road or Property for Range Telephone Cooperative, Inc. dba Range on Government Valley Road No. 123. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Adjourned for lunch at 12:07 o’clock p.m.

1:00 o’clock p.m. Present were Chairman Fred M. Devish, Vice-Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Member Bob Latham and County Clerk Melissa Jones.

Bonnie Stahla, County Library Director, Sandra Stevens, Executive Director, Crook County Family Violence and Sexual Assault Services Inc, Carol Stutzman, Nurse Manager and Katie Allen, Prevention Specialist, Public Health and Carolyn Fowler, Secretary, Fair Board gave their monthly reports.

Bob moved to make the following Board appointments:

Cindy Lambert-Crook County Library Board Member – Three Year Term

Randy Leinen-Crook County Library Board Member – Three Year Term

Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Kelly moved to make the following Board appointment:

Christina Wood-6th Judicial District Child Support Board Member – Three Year Term

Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Bob moved to approve the following contracts: Contract Between Wyoming Department of Health, Public Health Division and Crook County for the County Health Officer grant for $10,000.00. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Tim Lyons, Planning Director, gave a monthly report.

Ed Robinson, Homeland Security County Coordinator and Doug Leis, County Fire Warden gave their monthly reports. Also present were Dallas Burch, Ada Westover and Lee Hauber.

Discussion was held on the applications received for County Fire Warden. The Board will begin the interview process later in the month.

Tom Overstreet, KLH, gave a monthly IT update. Also present were Tammy Jundt, Ed Robinson and Jeff Hodge.

The meeting adjourned at 3:37 o’clock p.m.

Wednesday, June 7, 2023

8:30 o’clock a.m. Present were Chairman Fred M. Devish, Vice-Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Member Bob Latham and County Clerk Melissa Jones.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited to the Flag.

Josh Jundt, Resident Engineer, Wyoming Department of Transportation (WYDOT), gave an update on bridge and road projects.

Morgan Ellsbury, Road and Bridge Superintendent and Larry Schommer, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, continued their monthly reports.

Present for the Restaurant Liquor license hearing for Kara Creek Ranch LLC was Morgan Ellsbury. After discussion, Kelly moved to deny the Restaurant Liquor license application as is and continue the hearing on July 5, 2023, at 9:15 AM. Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Dwayne & Katie Allen were present to request that the Board sign a proclamation declaring the month of June as Amateur Radio Month. Bob moved to sign a Proclamation per their request. Kelly seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Dru Bower, DRU Consulting LLC, was present, via TEAMS, to give a monthly update. Also present were Jeanne Whalen and Sarah Anderson.

Present for the budget discussion were Morgan Ellsbury and Larry Schommer.

Adjourned for lunch at 11:44 o’clock a.m.

1:00 o’clock p.m. Present were Chairman Fred M. Devish, Vice-Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Member Bob Latham and County Clerk Melissa Jones.

Troy Bifulco, VP of Information and Technology and Services, PRECorp, Bridget Helms, Office Manager, CCNRD, Patrick Champa, District Ranger, Bearlodge Ranger District, and Jeanne Whalen, Whalen Consult, LLC gave updates.

Kelly moved to make the following Board appointment:

Morgan Ellsbury- Crook County Land Use Planning and Zoning Commission Board Member - Three Year Term

Bob seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Correction: May’s minutes listed our property insurance bids for the incorrect period.

The Board of Crook County Commissioners is requesting bids for property insurance for a one-year term, starting August 15, 2023. All bids must be submitted to the Crook County Clerk, P.O. Box 37, Sundance, WY 82729, by or before July 7, 2023, at 5:00 o’clock p.m.

As required by Wyoming Statute 18-3-516 (f) information on meeting dates, meeting agendas, official minutes, annual budget and other information required by law to be published in a newspaper of general circulation can also be accessed on the Crook County website:

Board Openings: To remain open until filled.

One Weed & Pest-Area 3 Board Member – Unexpired Two-Year Term.

One Promotion Board Member-Three Year Term

One Predatory Management District Board Member-Representing Sportsmen/Hunter-Three Year Term

One NEWEDC Board Member-Representing the County-Three Year Term

One NEWEDC Board Member-Representing the Municipalities-Three Year Term

One NEWEDC Board Member-Representing the Private Sector-Three Year Term

The meeting adjourned at 1:33 o’clock p.m. to meet in special session on June 19, 2023, at 9:00 o’clock a.m. in the Commissioner Room at the Courthouse in Sundance, Wyoming.

Fred M. Devish, Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Vice-Chairman

Bob Latham, Member Attested: Melissa Jones, County Clerk

Publish: June 15, 2023

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