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Card of Thanks

Thank You

A huge thank you to the Crook County Medical Services and EMS. On the night of March 31, I was brought into the ER by my most amazing wife, with severe chest pain and headache, not caused by her.

I firmly believe that I am here today because of the knowledge, professionalism, attention to detail, expediency and concern for patient care. The initial critical care received at CCMSD EMS was crucial to the recovery that we can now enjoy.

The EMS crew actually came to the ER to assist staff. It appeared to me that they had worked together before, because in the emergent situation, there wasn’t any confusion or indecision; things got done. They even took care of Becky!

The seriousness of the situation was quickly assessed and LifeFlight was ordered. EMS did an amazing job of transporting to the landing zone.

The weather wasn’t nice that night, so thank you to the ambulance driver for not getting stuck as I really wasn’t in the mood to push. When the doors opened, I saw that there were additional EMS staff that were using their feet to clear a path between the ambulance and the helicopter so as to safely transfer me. Thank you for that huge minor detail; I really didn’t want to make a snow angel.

The LifeFlight crew was equally professional and selfless. The ride to Rapid City Regional was smooth and comfortable. My apologies to the pilot for my insistence on at least one barrel roll. The staff at RCRH was also professional and selfless.

I don’t have as many memories when I arrived there as I was exhausted from several hours of a nitro drip and insanely high blood pressure. The cath lab was a well-oiled machine and in no time they had two stents installed and I was resting comfortably. The cardiac nurses were also top notch.

From admission in Sundance to discharge in Rapid, the care received, in my opinion was above and beyond. They didn’t do it for me. Everyone gets the same treatment. Our community is truly blessed to have such outstanding medical professionals.

Special thanks to friends and family for your thoughts and prayers. The kindness and encouragement is also necessary to heal the heart. Becky and I are eternally grateful and may God bless you all!

Monte J. Stoddard

I survived the widowmaker.