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Beware of Medicaid coverage scam, says WDH

If you receive a text message threatening that your Medicaid coverage will be cancelled unless you make a payment of $500, the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) says you are likely the victim of a scam and should ignore the demand.

According to WDH, reports have been made of both fake text messages and bogus phone calls that target clients of the Wyoming Medicaid program.

The scam cropped up just as the WDH began sending renewal notices to clients – a usually annual event that was paused during the pandemic because the federal government put a stop on states reviewing eligibility in exchange for a temporary increase in funding.

As the pandemic emergency comes to an end, the renewal process has been un-paused and notices are being sent out to clients.

“Some of our clients are receiving text messages claiming their Medicaid coverage was at risk for cancellation or they have actually already lost benefits. When clients call the listed number, they are threatened and asked for $500 to continue their benefits,” said Lee Grossman, state Medicaid agent and Division of Healthcare Financing senior administrator, in a press release.

WDH stresses that clients of Wyoming Medicaid and the Kid Care CHIP will never be asked for money to enroll or re-enroll.

While you may receive a text message from WDH with information about updating your contact information, completing renewals or taking surveys, you will not receive a text message about potential loss of coverage and no text from WDH will make demands for payment.

“If someone pushes for money so you can continue to be covered by Wyoming Medicaid, they are not a real representative of our program,” Grossman said. “Rather, they are likely to be a criminal.”

The WDH recommends that all Medicaid clients make sure their contact information is up to date at or by calling 1-855-294-2127 so that you are sure to receive your real renewal notice.

Not all renewal notices are being mailed out at the same time. WDH is mailing a certain percentage each month over the next year.

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