Continuing the Crook County News Since 1884

Crook County Sheriff's Office

Feb. 27 – Seven VIN checks. Two Fraud reports. Threats complaint. Suspicious circumstance. Two sets fingerprints. Assist to Campbell County. Domestic. Assist to Moorcroft Police. Fire page. Four EMS pages.

Feb. 28 – Five VIN checks. Welfare check. Fingerprints. Threats complaint. Warrant arrest. Disturbance complaint. Assist to DCI. Assist to Wyoming Highway Patrol. Business check.

Mar. 1 – Five VIN checks. Traffic stop. Assist Wyoming Highway Patrol. House watches. Traffic hazard. Fingerprints. Recovered property. Suspicious circumstance. Animal complaint. Assist DCI. Business check. Medical alert alarm. Traffic control. Four EMS pages. Fire page.

Mar. 2 – Four VIN checks. Traffic stop. Motorist assist. Attempt warrant arrest. Business check. EMS page.

Mar. 3 – Three VIN checks. Missing person. EMS Call. PT transfer. Two welfare checks. Seven business checks. Three sets fingerprints. Trespassing.

Mar. 4 – Six traffic stops. VIN check. Public relations. Two house watches. Three business checks. EMS call. Citizen assist. Animal complaint. CO poisoning.

Mar. 5 – Civil standby. K-9 sniff. Two traffic stops. Accident. Assist Wyoming Highway Patrol. Business check.

Inmates – Seven males, one female.

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