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November 17, 2022

Dear Editor,

I appreciate Buck Bock’s letter to the editor in last week’s Sundance Times. There are a few factual errors that perhaps need to be addressed.

First, when Senator Driskill met with the Crook County Republican Central Committee on October 17, I was in the Sierra Madre mountains hunting elk. I left on the 14th and didn’t return till late Wednesday night on the 19th. So, I wasn’t even in the county for that meeting.

Secondly, I am not currently a Crook County Central Committee member. So, I could not have cast a vote had I actually been there. And resigning from a position that I don’t currently hold might be confusing to our County Clerk!

Any actions taken by the Central Committee did not involve my influence. The Central Committee of the Crook County Republican Party, as a whole, had nothing to do with funding or endorsing the write-in campaign.

Call the County Clerk’s office to inquire when my precinct position actually takes effect. Look on the WY Secretary of State campaign financial disclosure site to see who actually supported our campaign. Prior to making accusations it would be good to fact check the information that you have been given.

If you go back to the 2020 general election and look at the number of people in Wyoming that voted for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, you will see that, according to the Secretary of State’s office, there were over 73,000 votes cast statewide for the Biden/Harris ticket. Two years later in the 2022 Democrat Primary, there are only 8100 Democrat voters.

What happened to the other 65,000 Democrat voters? Where did they go? Let’s bring these questions closer to home.

In the 2020 general election in Crook County 378 votes were cast for the Biden/Harris ticket. Yet in the 2022 Crook County Democrat primary, only 47 people voted.

Where did the remaining 330 Democrats vote? They certainly didn’t vote in their own party. So, where did they vote? Many of these “general election Democrat voters” are staying permanently registered as Republican voters.

In the general election, they vote for the lead statewide Democrat candidates. In the Republican primary they vote for the most liberal candidates in the Republican Primary race.

Between Crook County and Campbell County, these “General Election Democrat voters”, I believe, helped the most Liberal candidate win the Republican nomination. This process seems inherently unfair to me!

So, this time I took action and ran a write in campaign. I am tired of the Republican Party being cheated in every primary election!

By the way, glad you mentioned Liz Cheney. This year she invited the entire Democrat party to vote in the Republican Party primary, which is exactly what they appear to have done.

Every time a statewide candidate invites the Democrats into our primary, it has a definitive down-ballot effect. When our Republican nominations are being made by individuals who vote “Democrat in the General Election” how can I stand by and do nothing? I thank Buck Bock for requesting an explanation.

Thank you,

Ted Davis


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