Continuing the Crook County News Since 1884

Crook County Sheriff's Office

Nov. 7 – Eight traffic stops. Three VIN inspections. Paper service. Business check. Harassment. Three housewatches. Other call. Two fingerprintings. Medical page. Two suspicious persons/circumstances. Two traffic hazards. Trespassing.

Nov. 8 – Four traffic stops. VIN inspection. Traffic accident with damage. Three business checks. False 911. Three housewatches. Lockout. other call. Traffic complaint.

Nov. 9 – Two traffic stops. Two VIN inspections. Paper service. Four traffic accidents with damage. Traffic accident with injury. Animal complaint. Three assist Wyoming Highway Patrol. Four business checks. Citizen assist. Housewatch. Other call. Suspicious person/circumstance. Welfare check.

Nov. 10 – Traffic stop. Three VIN inspections. Abandoned vehicle. Two alarms. Animal complaint. Two business checks. Coroner call. Two medical pages. Two housewatches. Parking problem. Prisoner transport. Property damage. Suspicious person/circumstance.

Nov. 11 – Six traffic stops. VIN inspection. Traffic accident with damage. Two alarm calls. Four business checks. Coroner call. Housewatch. Motorist assist. Two traffic complaints.

Nov. 12 – Four traffic stops. Traffic accident with damage. Two housewatch. Motorist assist. Two traffic hazards. Two welfare checks.

Nov. 13 – Three traffic stops. VIN inspection. Three business checks. REDDI Report.

Inmates – Five males.