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Sept. 6


October 20, 2022

Crook County Natural Resource District (CCNRD)

September 6th Regular Board Meeting Minutes

CALL MEETING TO ORDER at 12:07 pm by Chairman Wayne Garman at the Sundance USDA Service Center.


Board: Wayne Garman, Kim Fundaun, Wanda Burget, Lily Altaffer

Employees: Sarah Anderson, Bridget Helms, Jessica Halverson, Call in: Carmen Horne-McIntyre

Guests: Keela Deaton, NRCS District Conservationist, Alycia Davis, Crook County Weed & Pest


NRCS Update Keela Deaton will be out teaching soil health in Riverton September 19-23. Jason Nehl will attend the Area 1 meeting in her absence. The hay core samples have been completed except for one; when results are available, she will provide them to the Board. The NRCS office staff are very busy with field season currently.

Water Quality Program Updates Carmen has received two agreements back: one is next year’s NACD funding through 2023 for personnel, supplies, travel, and training. The WDA water quality agreement was also received with funding for BMP projects, personnel, monitoring, contractual accounting, training, and equipment. She will submit the annual plan of work to them for the first year’s funding request. Projects ranked earlier this spring are being contacted for funding; due to contractor availability and supplies shortage projects need to be started soon. Jessica has been researching costs associated with the shadeball pilot project. She will be visiting with the Sundance High School Ag Teacher about making wildlife escape ramps. She is also working on finding Urban Agriculture grant opportunities.

Keyhole State Park has a new superintendent and Carmen has reached out to them regarding HCB signage. DEQ has been sampling Keyhole since July and will return the week of September 19, Carmen would like to meet with them for a BMP tour while they are here. Wayne offered to assist with the tour if Carmen can’t make it. Sampling data results to date were given to the board to review. A downward trend was observed at some sites. Flow data collection challenges remain, Carmen obtained quotes for transducers to collect continuous flow data; a little over $1000 per unit. A couple units would be needed. Grant funding opportunities for these are being researched. For outreach, an estate planning workshop is being planned for early winter with Plank Stewardship Initiative.

Forestry Program Update Sarah Anderson has received the new CAFA agreement (Miller/Lytle Creek project) for $236,000 in fuels reduction funding. The Pine Haven Fuels management grant from the BLM is designed and ready to go in October, these projects need to be completed by March. The WWNRT project was featured in the newspaper and applications have a September 15, 2022, deadline. Applications will be ranked together between the two counties. Sarah presented the letter regarding the RCPP funding and the challenges with pile and burn at the State level. A Forestry Resolution has been prepared for the Area I Meeting. A motion to approve the resolution as is was made by Lily Altaffer and seconded by Wanda Burget. Motion carried. Fish Fire a map prepared by the Forest Service showing the fuel mitigations by all agencies was shared with the Board. The District plans to assist with rehabilitation in the fire area. UW Extension and Weed and Pest would like to collaborate on weed and range issues within the fire area. NFAB Sarah is now on the NFAB board and met with them the first time in August. She will have once a month meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of the month and will serve a 2-year term.

Office Manager Update Bridget went water sampling on August 17, coordinated and prepared for the electronics recycling events, completed year end audit reporting with Ketel Thorstenson, and has been working on the annual reports and plan of work.

Local Issues Alycia Davis is planning a ventenata education tour with the Extension office, a small tour this fall and a larger one in late spring. Carmen is watching the permit amendment for Strata, upcoming RER Bearlodge projects, DEQ proposed mine site near Keyhole, and plans to listen to the joint appropriations meeting September 12.

Financials A motion to pay the bills was made by Lily Altaffer and seconded by Wanda Burget. All checks were signed, and the sealed bank statements were opened by Wanda Burget and verified with the reconciliation reports prepared by Bridget Helms.

Approve August 2nd Minutes Lily Altaffer made a motion to approve the August 2nd meeting minutes as presented. Kim Fundaun seconded. Motion carried.

Board Vacancy Wanda and Kim both applied for the election. The Urban position still needs to be filled, a write in could go on the ballot.

Community Conservation Committee account Lily Altaffer made a motion to remove Andrew Litzel and add Norma Jean Altaffer and James Geis to the Community Conservation Committee account at Sundance State Bank. Seconded by Kim Fundaun. Motion carried.


Electronics Recycling Events netted about 1688 pounds of CRT and 5718 pounds of general electronics, 7406 pounds total. Ideas on how to make the event better for next year were made, Lily would like to get someone to come that collects metal for recycling; if the County has items, they need to be sorted and weighed prior and need to be secured.

Tree Program The nursery is requiring us to preorder trees this year due to increased demand. We would need 25% payment down by January to guarantee trees. Sarah Anderson will get an updated price list so we can create a list and start selling trees soon.

Collaboration with University of Wyoming Extension Alex would like to form an advisory committee for his role in the county. We will invite him to our monthly meetings.

Annual Report Summary/Internal Control Evaluation/Self-Audit were completed by the Board.

Time off requests A motion was made by Lily Altaffer to approve employee time off requests. Wanda Burget seconded. Motion carried.

Motion to adjourn was made by Kim Fundaun at 3:29 pm.

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