Svoboda trial set for March


October 6, 2022

Much can change between now and March 20. However, if the case continues to progress along its current schedule, Crook County native Ed Svoboda is expected to stand trial for murder in the first degree on that date.

Svoboda has pled not guilty to the charge by reason of mental illness. An August, 2022 date was originally set for his trial, which has experienced delays due to the necessity for an examination of his mental condition at the Wyoming State Hospital.

Svoboda has been charged with murder in the first degree following an incident on September 5, 2021 in which his wife, Kathleen, was allegedly hit by a truck and trailer in her back yard. If convicted, he faces life imprisonment at minimum, and could be given the death penalty, a $10,000 fine or both.

He has also been charged with murder in the second degree and aggravated homicide by vehicle.

At this time, discovery is ongoing for both the prosecution and defense – a period during which both sides seek and declare any evidence that may be used during the trial.

Motions in the case must be filed before December 11 and any associated hearings also requested by that time. Plea agreements may be filed until January 6, after which Svoboda may plead guilty to all charges, the information may be dismissed or the matter will be tried.

Svoboda’s pre-trial conference is scheduled for February 16 and a trial before a jury of 12 is set to commence the week of March 20.

However, it is important to note that these dates are subject to change. Many cases will resolve, for example through a plea agreement, before the trial begins.


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