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Civil Action

Summary for publication:

In the Circuit Court for the Sixth

Judicial District, Crook County,

Wyoming, Civil Action No. 2022-

60, Blakeman Propane, Inc, v.

Outlaw Oil & Gas, LLC and Keith

Adels. Plaintiff, Blakeman Propane,

by and through counsel, Davis &

Cannon, LLP, files complaint for

damages resulting from breach of

contract, unjust enrichment, and

breach of implied covenant of

good faith and fair dealing. Plaintiff

request the Court enter judgment

against Defendant for damages

and any other such relief as the

Court deems just and equitable.

Defendant has been notified by

publication that he should serve his

answer upon Plaintiff’s counsel at

Davis & Cannon, LLP, 40 S. Main, PO

Box 728, Sheridan, WY 82801 and

file a copy with the Court. Failure

to response can result in default

judgment against Defendant.

Publish: September 1, 8, 15 and 22,


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