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Cards of Thanks

Our Thanks

You don't know how precious your life and personal belongings are until you see this big fire creeping down the hill behind your house and headed right at your home and realize all could be gone in just a few minutes. We would like to thank all the folks who worked so hard to help us and our neighbors save our homes.

Forever grateful,

Dennis and Shirley Conway

Our Thanks

The Sundance Elementary Little Bulldogs would like to extend a big "thank you" for the fun swim day we enjoyed last Thursday. So many people came together to help make this day a fun memory for all!

Mayor Brooks, Mac Erickson and the public works department kept the pool warm, clean and chemically balanced for us. Natalie Skeens and lifeguards Zoe Skeens, Parker Skeens, Mazelynn Sharp, Ryder Downey, Riley Banker, Willow Lindholm, Holden Ayer and Savanna Williams were on hand to set up the pool, put everything away and braved the rain to make sure we all were safe!

The Parent Involvement Committee paid for the student's pool entrance fees and lifeguard's time. The teachers and staff at Sundance Elementary were flexible and willing to help make the day go smoothly for the students.

Sundance High School staff allowed us to borrow their lifeguard students. Thank you all! Without the support of our community, we could not have done our Back-to-School Splash Bash.

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