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City of Sundance

Pursuant to Section 15-1-110, Wyoming Statutes Annotated, 2021 Edition, as amended the following Salaries of the City of Sundance Employees are hereby published:


Paul S. Brooks Mayor $20,000.00

Randy Stevenson Council Member $ 1,800.00

Bradley Marchant Council Member $ 1,800.00

Callie Hilty Council Member $ 1,800.00

Joe Wilson Council Member $ 1,800.00

Gari Gill Fire Chief $ 6,000.00

Kathy A. Lenz Clerk Treasurer $65,915.20 $1,212.12

Toby Shamion Deputy Clerk Treasurer $42,182.40

Helen Engelhaupt Deputy Clerk Treasurer $47,070.40

Mac Erickson Public Works Director $65,915.20 $ 555.78

Robert Henderson Equipment Operator $48,256.00

Hans Simpson Equipment Operator $52,416.00

Bradley Frazier Equipment Operator $52,416.00

Tom Davis Landfill Attendant/Recycling $52,416.00 $1,006.05

All salaries are listed as base annual salaries or actual wages, not including any benefits, such as health insurance, life insurance, or pension plans paid by the City. Any overtime the employee earned and was paid by the City is included.

Toby Shamion, Deputy Clerk-Treasurer

City of Sundance

Publish: July 14, 2022

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