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Woman arrested for attacking law enforcement officers

A woman who allegedly kicked and fought against law enforcement officers faces numerous felony and misdemeanor charges. Jacqueline Krueger of Campbell County is accused of kicking two Crook County Sheriff’s Office deputies who were in the process of arresting her.

According to court reports, the two deputies responded to a call for a welfare check at a bar in Beulah on April 2 at around 4 p.m. A female had been seen exiting her vehicle, stumbling into the front of it and then into the bar.

On entering the bar, the deputies immediately saw a female matching the description. She allegedly gave a false name and deputies were able to detect the odor of alcohol on her breath, bloodshot eyes, slurred speech and constricted pupils consistent with the use of narcotics.

According to court reports, the female was unable to walk in a straight line while walking out of the bar. She allegedly refused to give a full date of birth, claiming she had done nothing wrong, and became aggressive towards the deputies.

At that time, the deputies took hold of her arms and placed her in handcuffs. Another female arrived on scene, identifying herself as known to Krueger.

While deputies spoke with the second female, Krueger allegedly began kicking the door of the patrol vehicle. Deputies opened the door to speak with her and report that she began to yell and blocked them from closing the door again with her foot.

Krueger then allegedly began to kick the deputies with the heel of her boot and attached spurs. One deputy reports being kicked in the groin and inner thigh, while the other was kicked in the shin.

Krueger has been charged with two felony counts of interference with a peace officer, as well as one misdemeanor count of driving under the influence (second offense, with a known prior conviction in Campbell County from 2021) and three of interference with a peace officer.