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Peek at the Past

100 Years Ago

May 4, 1922

Mining locations in large numbers are being made in the new Moorcroft gold field and a wonderful feeling of optimism exists that a real gold field of large extent has been located. Many outside parties have been attracted to the scene and after investigation appear to share the enthusiasm of the early locators.

The presence of a lone pheasant roosting on the coping of the State Bank building Monday excited some curiosity among bystanders. Several opined that it was an omen of dire portent ranging in disaster from a dry summer to another hard winter. No doubt it was a sign of some sort – that perhaps the bird was lost temporarily, and he flew to the strongest institution in Crook County for refuge.

Several weeks ago when the house of the Feldman brothers burned, there was salvaged the charred remains of some $640 in currency, the property of Joe Feldman. The Sundance State Bank carefully forwarded the box to the treasury department, and Saturday received returns of $590. It is a stroke of good luck for Joe and a nice courtesy on the bank's part.

75 Years Ago

May 1, 1947

Dwight Hart, manager of Hart Brothers, Lumber and Hardware, Sundance said Monday that his firm had purchased 15 acres south of the airport between the highways and would soon establish a sawmill in that location. Later the planing mill now located in Sundance will be moved to the mill location. When set up and ready to go the new mill will employ about twenty men, Hart stated.

It was reported to the Sundance Times this week that the Eastern Wyoming Bentonite plant at Moorcroft, which is being rebuilt, is almost ready to start operations with completely new machinery.

Rev. Wm. F. Kuehmann of Burlington, Iowa arrived in Hulett April 13 to relieve Rev. Lee L. Burton as pastor of the community Baptist church at Hulett. The new pastor is married and they have a year old son, Bruce William.