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Aladdin Park bridge to see repairs

At the request of the Aladdin Homemakers, the bridge at the Aladdin Park will be getting some safety maintenance in the near future. Sheila Burgraff and Janice Hell visited the county commissioners last week to express their concern over the current condition of the bridge.

The duo described the bridge as a walking hazard. The park sees use in the summer months, they said, including by kids looking to play on the swings; Commissioner Jeanne Whalen noted that it is also used as a crossing for lawnmowers.

As they weren’t sure where the responsibility of repairs lies, they asked the commissioners what could be done. Road & Bridge Foreman Morgan Ellsbury commented that the bridge was first built years ago by the Aladdin Homemakers using timber donated by his department, and his suggestion would be to get rid of and replace it.

At this time, it’s difficult to know how much damage there is to the bridge. Maintenance Foreman Larry Schommer agreed to take a look and figure out what needs to be done.

Burgraff and Hell also asked for permission to use the money left over from recent fundraising to finish the floor and paint the inside, so that the building’s interior looks as good as the exterior after the work done last year to refurbish it. The commissioners granted permission for them to go ahead.

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