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City launches recycling campaign


February 10, 2022

Updated requirements at the facility to which Sundance takes its recyclables has once again led to changes in how citizens are asked to separate their trash.

Clerk Treasurer Kathy Lenz told the Sundance Council last week that city staff have launched a campaign to help people understand what can and can’t be put in their recycling bags, “And it’s already making a difference.”

It’s the “same recycling battle” that the city seems to experience every couple of years, said Public Works Director Mac Erickson.

The requirements change often, which is understandably confusing for citizens. Unfortunately, it’s not a problem that can be ignored, because recycling facilities simply will not accept bags of recyclables containing too many items that can’t be recycled, such as garbage or printed boxes. Said Lenz, it reached a point where the city’s recycling trailer was being turned away at the facility.

At this time, the facility only accepts clean cardboard and newspaper, and does not accept printed materials such as magazines or glossy cardboard.

Mayor Paul Brooks suggested that it might be a good idea to permanently restrict accepted recycling to corrugated cardboard, because with other types of cardboard “it seems like it comes and goes” and the city risks creating hard feeling among those citizens who want to recycle, but have trouble keeping up with the fluctuating rules.

Lenz, however, said the campaign is already working. Staff at the transfer station have been making a list of residences that are not currently following the guidelines and city staff have been calling them to explain exactly which items don’t work.

At this time, paper items are restricted to newsprint and do not include shredded paper. Newsprint must be in a separate bag to other recyclables.

Cardboard is restricted to corrugated cardboard, not including any item that is glossy and/or printed (such as cereal or beer boxes). Please remove tape and flatten the boxes before leaving them out to be picked up.

Plastics must have the “chasing arrow” recycle symbol, while glass bottles and jars must be empty and rinsed. Aluminum and steel (such as food and beverage cans) can be placed in the same bag as plastics and glass and must also be empty and rinsed.

Items that cannot be recycled include grocery bags, weed pellet or softener salt bags and Styrofoam.


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