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September 16, 2021


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

8:30 o’clock a.m. Present were Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Vice-Chairwoman Jeanne A. Whalen, Member Fred M. Devish and Deputy County Clerk Melissa Jones.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited to the Flag.

Fred moved to approve the minutes from August 2 & 3, 2021. Jeanne seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

The following bills were presented to the Board:

Claimant-Description-Amount Allowed:

Total Wages -Pine Haven Firefighters-$16,229.94;Total Wages and Cell Phone Stipend-$217,592.00;AFLAC-Insurance-$2,575.48;Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming-Health Insurance-$68,676.00;Clerk of the District Court-Garnishment-$413.00;Col. Life & Accident Ins. Co.-Insurance-$48.07;Crook County Payroll Tax Account-Withholding & Social Security-$66,571.54;Delta Dental of Wyoming-Dental Insurance-$2,773.00;Great-West Trust Company, LLC-Deferred Compensation-$2,180.00;NCPERS Wyoming-Life Insurance-$160.00;New York Life Insurance Company-Life Insurance-$607.96;VSP-Vision Insurance-$772.48;WY Department of Workforce Services-Worker’s Compensation-$8,740.54;Wyoming Retirement System-Retirement-$50,420.00;Wyoming Educator’s Benefit Trust-Life Insurance-$229.84;911 Supply-Shirts-$1,214.79;A & I Distributors-Parts-$1,118.40;All Around Hardware-Parts & Lubricant-$31.96;Alsco-Shop & Courthouse Supplies-$366.26;Animal Medical Center of Wyoming, LLC-Canine Care-$198.70;April D. Gill-Cell Phone Reimbursement-$45.00;Architectural Specialties, LLC-Parts & Repairs-N Wind Damage-$1,626.86;AT&T Mobility-Cell Phone-$308.58;Axis Forensic Toxicology Inc-Comprehensive Drug Panel-$245.00;Bearlodge Bakery-Cinnamon Rolls-$92.00;Beulah Fire Department-Fuel Reimbursement-$676.34;Big Horn Tire Inc.-Tires, Battery, Labor-$7,892.15;Black Hills Chemical Co.-Courthouse Supplies-$714.57;Black Hills Energy-Electricity -$21.70;Blakeman Propane Inc.-Refund-$11,756.25;Blue360 Media LLC-Books-$481.88;Bomgaars-Light-$79.99;Bonita Carlson-Deployed Firefighter Expenses-$336.00;CBH CO-OP-Fuel-$22,446.51;CCFV/SAS, Inc-County Funding-$2,500.00;Centurylink-E911 Telephone-$1,090.81;Christina R. Wood-Mileage-$67.20;City of Gillette-Water-$6.50;City of Sundance-Water-$5,530.69;Civil Air Patrol Magazine-Subscription Renewal-$145.00;Clerk of District Court-Indigent Legal Fees & Court Room Automation Fees-$50.00;Coffee Cup Fuel Stop-Fuel-$941.52;Colin Shamion Trucking-Contract Hauling -$8,998.96;Collins Communications-Fire Alarm Monitoring, Labor, Cell Phone Booster, Sense phone-$1,866.97;Computer Supplies LP-Drum Kit Assembly-$408.50;Contractors Supply Inc.-Parts-$543.14;Corner Market-Food - Schmitcan Fire-$156.81;Croell Inc-Cattle Guards, Road Base, Concrete Rock-$10,703.47;Crook County Medical Service Dist.-Prisoner Foods & Meals-$4,803.15;Crook County Natural Resource District-County Funding-$13,750.00;Crook County Treasurer-Postage-$465.65;Crook County Weed & Pest-Glyphosate-$81.76;Custom Auto & Truck-Services, Labor-$1,258.62;Dallas L Rolf-Personal Skid steer - Pine Haven Fire-$963.00;Dash Medical Gloves-Exam Gloves-$149.90;David Osborne-Mileage-$128.80;Decker’s Market-Supplies-$106.06;DJ&A PC-Socioeconomic Plan-$6,050.25;Dustbuters, Inc-Dust Gard-$264,149.55;E3 Diagnostics-Immittance Calibration-$125.00;Ed Scott-Personal Vehicle - Pine Haven Fire-$580.00;Fedex-Postage-$15.27;FEI Inc-Propane Tanks-$16,970.94;Floyds Truck Center WY-Parts & Repairs-$12,839.85;Foremost Promotions-Sheriff Star Stickers-$310.00;Fred Devish-Personal Vehicle - Pine Haven Fire-$304.50;Gillette Printing & Engraving Co, Inc.-Child Support Checks-$417.01;Glaxosmithkline-Vaccine-$3,237.00;Godfrey Brake Service & Supply-Parts-$319.08;Green’s Alignment-Parts & Repairs-$1,380.00;Grimms Pump & Industrial Supply -Parts & Labor-$2,049.30;Grossenburg Implement Inc-Parts-$177.10;Hub Int’l. Mountain States LTD-Renewal Business Premium for Cyber Policy-$5,719.00;Humphrey Law LLC-Court Appointed Attorney Fees-$552.40;Impressions Embroidery-Beanies-$22.00;Jagow Enterprises Inc-Contract Hauling -$21,495.90;Jeffrey Hodge-Cell Phone Reimbursement-$45.00;Joseph M Baron-Supplies Reimbursement-$3.50;KC Transport, Inc.-Contract Hauling -$9,882.10;Kimball Midwest-Parts-$108.18;Kreuter’s, LLC-Parts & Labor-$2,948.91;Kyle Shamion Trucking-Contract Hauling -$9,241.74;Lakeview Wash & Storage-Car Washes-$116.14;Linda S. Fritz-Mileage-$183.68;Longhorn Saloon & Grill-Rally Meals-$47.97;Marco Technologies LLC-Copy / Maintenance Fee-$76.89;Max Robert Masters-GIS Consulting & Mapping Contract-$3,400.00;Melanie Wilmer-Deployed Firefighter Expenses-$3,445.84;Michael R Frolander-Employee Finger Printing Reimbursement-$39.00;Misty Nuzum-Personal Vehicle - Pine Haven Fire-$290.40;National Sheriffs’ Association-NSA Membership Dues-$68.00;Newcastle Motors LTD-2005 Dodge Pickup-$10,870.00;Plains Towing & Recovery-Towing-$550.00;Powder River Energy Corp.-Electricity -$6,561.04;Powder River Powder, Div of Purvis-Parts-$594.63;Prairie Auto Parts-Parts-$175.65;Pro River Tech-Computer Services & Travel Expenses-$22,381.46;Quadient Finance USA Inc-Postage-$4,102.57;Quality Agg & Construction, Inc-J Base & Motor grader - Pine Haven Fire-$7,384.58;Quality Hardware & Supply -Parts & Supplies-$214.91;Quill Corporation-Supplies-$141.71;R&S Northeast LLC-Vaccine-$254.68;Range Telephone-Telephone -$7,191.51;Record Supply Inc-Parts-$135.39;Redwater Welding-Welding-$875.00;Retractable Technologies Inc-Needles-$306.50;RG Trucking-Contract Hauling -$9,415.85;RJ Lee Group Inc-GSR Kit-$2,114.70;Robert’s Machine & Repair-Parts & Labor-$1,488.16;Rolling Metal Sinclair-Fuel-$208.48;Rusty Williamson-Personal Vehicle - Pine Haven Fire-$638.00;Saddle Tree Ranch Trucking LLC-Contract Hauling -$13,015.84;Sara Fleenor-Travel Expenses-$740.45;Scott Peterson Motors Inc-Parts & Labor-$382.13;Shamion Trucking-Contract Hauling -$7,519.88;Sheridan County Public Health-Tiger Tubes-$35.55;Sign Boss-Decals & Reflective Numbers-$379.00;Source Management Inc-Supplies & Paper Shredder-$1,892.43;Stereos N Stuff-CB Radio, Mount & Antenna-$168.95;Stewart Trucking LLC-Contract Hauling -$7,751.94;Sundance Electric Inc-Parts & Labor-$6,006.11;Sundance Extinguisher LLC-Water Extinguisher-$162.00;Sundance Hardware & Sporting Goods-Parts & Supplies-$1,115.88;Sundance State Bank-Direct Deposit Fees-$10.25;Sundance Times-Legal, Display Ads-$2,178.00;Sylvestri Customization-Monthly Website Maint. Graphic Design & Social Media-$600.00;Thomas L Bennett, MD-Autopsy-$2,245.00;Tongue River Communications-Jail Cable -$91.00;Top Office Products, Inc.-Supplies, Copies-$657.50;Tower Valley Ag Supply-Fuel, Oil, Filters &Washer Fluid-$581.30;Town of Hulett-Water-$60.30;Town of Moorcroft-Water & Fuel Reimbursement-$213.48;Tracy Motor Company-Parts & Supplies-$4,233.80;Travelers-Commercial Package-$62.00;Tyler Technologies, Inc.-Annual Support-$3,883.62;US Post Office-Box Rent-$84.00;Veto Enterprises, Inc.-Patrol Vehicle & Equipment-$41,387.00;Vilas Pharmacy-Jail Meds-$149.96;Visa-Supplies, Adobe, EM Equipment, Travel Expenses, Postage, Rally Expenses, Straight Talk, Registration-$11,551.15;Visionary Broadband-Internet Service-$929.50;W Bar Feed & Ranch Supply-Tire Repair-$25.00;WACERS-Annaul Membership Dues-$25.00;Western Stationers-Office Supplies-$844.28;Weston Co Childrens Center-County Funding-$8,000.00;Weston County Health Services-First Aid Trainer Fee-$175.00;Wildland Warehouse-Parts-$2,260.00;Windstream-Telephone-$195.15;WPCI-Drug Testing-$31.25;WY Department of Workforce Services-Worker’s Compensation & Firefighter Worker’s Comp-$1,397.41;WY Retirement System-Firemen’s Retirement -$618.75;WYDOT-Financial Services-Dump Truck, Snow Plow, Spreader-$11,000.00;Wyoming Law Enforcement Academy-Communication Basics-$550.00;Wyoming Machinery Company-Dozer Rental-$5,155.65;Yorktel-Video Conferencing Camera-$660.45;Total-$1,123,601.58;

Jeanne moved to allow all bills as presented. Fred seconded, all ayes, motion carried. A complete, detailed listing of the monthly expenditures can be found on the county website. They can be found under the County Budget tab and are listed as “Monthly Accounts Payable/Payroll Payments”.

Jeanne moved to approve a Memorandum of Understanding With Not For Profit Service Providers between Weston County Children’s Center/Region III Developmental Services and Crook County. Fred seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Jeanne moved for the Chairman to sign over a title on a 1991 Chevy to Newcastle Motors. Fred seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Jeanne moved to accept “Disclosure Statement for Investment of Public Funds” from the following people: Kelly B. Dennis, Jeanne A. Whalen, Fred M. Devish, Linda Fritz, Melissa Jones, Meghan Porter, Christine Galloway, Aimee Holt, Mary Kuhl, Tammy Jundt, Joni Latham, Teresa Lang, Karyn E. White, Joseph M. Baron, Christina R. Wood and Julie Altaffer. Fred seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Fred moved to sign a letter of permission for Campstool Marketing, LLC dba Devils Tower KOA to pursue a 24-Hour Catering Permit from the Town of Moorcroft. Jeanne seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Jeanne moved to approve a 24-Hour Catering Permit for Sand Creek Trading Post, LLC dba Sand Creek Trading Post for September 25, 2021, for a wedding. Fred seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Fred moved to approve and for the Chairman to sign the Crook County Clerk’s Abstract Statement for the period of July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2021 as per W.S. 18-3-515. Jeanne seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Jeanne moved to approve and for the chairman to sign 20 easements in reference to Rifle Pit County Road #108. Fred seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

The following monthly collections were collected:

County Clerk $16,475.21

County Sheriff $41,117.16

Clerk of District Court $3,653.50

Circuit Court $35,696.00

Public Health (July) $2,126.59

Tammy Jundt, Deputy County Treasurer submitted the following monthly report of receipts and disbursements for month end July 2021:

Total Receipts $1,882,674.64

Disbursements: Towns $85,048.03

County Boards $28,138.37

State & Local School $109,353.77

DOT/DOR/Rebate $208,497.95

Redemption/S. Park $803.99

Total $431,842.11

and the following monthly report of receipts and disbursements for month end August 2021:

Total Receipts $1,360,162.87

Disbursements: Towns $107,655.66

County Boards/Districts $41,793.15

State & Local School $112,364.36

DOT/DOR/Rebate $210,193.82

Redemption/S. Park $4,692.83

Total $476,699.82

Joe Baron, County Attorney, Tina Wood, Clerk of District Court, Jeff Hodge, County Sheriff, Tammy Jundt, Deputy County Treasurer, Mike Frolander, County Coroner and Theresa Curren, County Assessor were present to go over items of interest within their departments, also present was Jill Mackey.

Theresa Curren, County Assessor: Beginning of August, we worked on the mill levy and received approval from the State Board of Equalization and Department of Revenue to proceed with the 2021 Tax Roll.  Gave the 2021 Tax Roll to the Treasurer’s Office.  Department of Revenue is working on our CAMA servers due to them working at 70% capacity and growing every day.  Pro River Tech on standby just in case.  August – November employees of the Assessor’s Office will be attending continuing education classes along with core classes to meet Property Tax Appraiser certifications. 

Melissa Jones, Deputy County Clerk: Office made 447 titles, recorded 548 documents, ladies in the office have been working on getting older books in the system so they can be accessed from our online platform, completed fixed assets, the auditor should now have everything he requested from our office, Linda completed the annual financial abstract, mailed certificates of service to service & improvement districts that mill levy passed, dispersed and collected disclosure statements, Linda traveled to Sheridan to attend a Joint Corporations Committee meeting to discuss proposed legislative changes to how elections are conducted, Linda attended the department head meeting, and worked on creating a salary schedule.

Jeff Hodge, County Sheriff: Presented jail roster and monthly stats, discussed dispatch phone traffic during fires, has 2 wrecked vehicles, working on radio repeater, down one detention officer.

Joseph M. Baron, County Attorney: Joe dealt with office matters, road easement, telephone issues, IT issues and agreements, Promotion Board member qualification and removal questions, personnel matters, subdivision reviews, septic lien review, elected official issues, contract reviews for various county offices, bond reviews, salary policy matters and other legal matters. Joe: New Cases: 61 (Added 25 Alive @ 25 cases), Closed Cases: 49, Current Case Load: 139, In Court (August): 26 Lynda: New Cases: 23, Closed Cases: 20, Current Case Load: 93, in Court (August): 40.

Tammy Jundt, Deputy County Treasurer: Total receipts were $1,360,162.87 and Disbursements to the county, county boards, towns and schools were $476,699.82. Number of transactions in August was 1,652. Sent copies to Leo Riley & Co of the requested documents for our annual audit and worked with Leonard when he was at our office. Created new logins for RIS, the banks, Wyo-Star and Wyoming Class. Participated in the E-cycling program and sent some old printers, monitors and keyboards. Did two reports for the Department of Revenue first the Valuation on Motor Vehicle Report and the 2021 Motor Vehicle Veterans Exemption Report. Also completed the FY2021 County Road Construction and Maintenance Fund annual report. Worked on some redemptions for CP holders. Worked on the mill levy distribution and entered in taxwise for 2021.Advertised in Sundance Times the 2020 delinquent taxes for tax sale which will be September 16, 2021, in the courthouse basement. Talked with Tyler Tech and he will assist me in entering the tax roll this month. We plan to have 2021 property tax invoices mailed by the end of September. Brenda is working on digitizing the tax roll records. We appreciate all the thoughts and support we have been receiving from the commissioners, the other courthouse employees, and the community during this difficult time.

Tina Wood, Clerk of the District Court: I attended two child support authority special meetings in Gillette; attended the WACO Board meeting in Gillette; Followed and did preparation research for the Joint Judiciary Committee meeting on September 13th; we have been told that the Joint Judiciary Committee is going to propose legislation for a constitutional amendment that would eliminate the Clerks of District Court from being an elected position.  The office has been busy with the day-to-day work;

Mike Frolander, County Coroner: still covering Weston County on Coroner calls, has been busy.

County Commissioners: Kelly: Drove roads, especially West of Hulett, took a few phone calls, mostly on roads. Jeanne: attended N.E.W. Outdoor Recreation Collaboration meeting, attended Melanie Wilmer’s going away party, was interviewed by WYOFILE reporter referencing timber industry in Crook County, took phone calls on fair grounds, Aladdin Water District, Century Link and broadband around Aladdin. Fred: Had discussion on Road & Bridge using Inyan Kara Creek to get water for roads, talked about an issue with a cattleguard needing welded on a county road.

Present for opening of the propane bids were Mike Frolander, Phil Schutt, Blakeman Propane, Larry Schommer, Colter Ellsbury and via teams were Morgan Ellsbury, Jill Mackey and Sarah Pridgeon. After discussion, Fred moved to approve the proposal from Blakeman Propane for $1.199. Jeanne seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Present for opening of the cattleguard bids were, Mike Frolander, Robert’s Machine, Larry Schommer, Colter Ellsbury, Redwater Welding and via teams were Morgan Ellsbury, Jill Mackey and Sarah Pridgeon. After discussion, Jeanne moved to accept the bid from Redwater Welding for $124,150.00. Fred seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Fred moved to approve a Utility License Upon County Road for Range on Old Sundance Road No. 93. Jeanne seconded, all ayes, motion carried

Morgan Ellsbury, Road and Bridge Superintendent, via teams, and Larry Schommer, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor, gave monthly reports.

Adjourned for lunch at 12:00 o’clock p.m.

1:00 o’clock p.m. Present were Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Vice-Chairwoman Jeanne A. Whalen, Member Fred M. Devish and Deputy County Clerk Melissa Jones.

Carol Stutzman, Public Health Nurse, Jill Mackey, Director, Crook County Library and Sara Fleenor, UW Area Educator, gave monthly reports.

Tim Lyons, Growth & Development Administrator, gave a monthly report.

Present to review and discuss a request for refund of interest paid on property taxes from David & Denise Halgren were Theresa Curren, Tammy Jundt and Joe Baron and via teams Jill Mackey and Sarah Pridgeon.

Fred moved to deny a Request for Refund of Interest Paid from David & Denise Halgren. Jeanne seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Dessa Dale, Quality Manager & Environmental Project Manager and Rachel Powers, Environmental Scientist DJ&A, via teams, discussed the Socio-Economic Plan.

Joe Baron discussed issues with South Mountain public road & Poston County Road.

Present for the monthly Pro River update were Theresa Curren, Tammy Jundt, Joe Baron, Larry Schommer and Tina Wood and via teams were Tom Overstreet, Jill Mackey and Sarah Pridgeon.

Present for a discussion on the salary schedule were Theresa Curren, Tina Wood, Larry Schommer and Jill Mackey and via teams Sarah Pridgeon.

The meeting adjourned at 4:20 o’clock p.m.

Wednesday, September 8, 2021

8:30 o’clock a.m. Present were Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Vice-Chairwoman Jeanne A. Whalen, Member Fred M. Devish and Deputy County Clerk Melissa Jones.

The Pledge of Allegiance was recited to the Flag.

Larry Schommer, Facilities Maintenance Supervisor continued his monthly report.

Present for the annual liquor license renewal hearing were Phil Jordan, Dave Cromes and Joe Baron.

Fred moved to approve the following licenses with an expiration date of 11/7/2022:

• Buffalo Jump Hospitality Partners LLC dba Buffalo Jump Saloon & Steakhouse- County Retail Liquor License

• Historic Aladdin LLC dba Aladdin General Store- County Retail Liquor License

• Sand Creek Trading Post LLC dba Sand Creek Trading Post- County Retail Liquor License

• Devils Tower Gulch, LLC dba Devils Tower Gulch- County Retail Liquor License

• Campstool Marketing LLC dba Devils Tower KOA- County Retail Liquor License

• JPC Keyhole LLC dba Keyhole Marina- County Retail Liquor License

• Integritas Forum LLC dba Sate Line Station- County Retail Liquor License

• Marcelleen, Inc. dba Devils Tower Trading Post-County Retail Malt Beverage Permit

• Driskill Holdings, LLC dba Devils Tower KOA- County Retail Malt Beverage Permit

• Devils Tower View Cage, B.P.L. & L. dba Devils Tower View- County Retail Malt Beverage Permit

• Aladdin Café & Motel HMR LLC dba Aladdin Café & Motel- County Restaurant Liquor License

Jeanne seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Jeanne moved to approve the following license with an expiration date of 11/7/2021:

• DTO, LLC dba Twisted Pistol Saloon- County Retail Malt Beverage Permit

Fred seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Jeanne moved to approve the following transfer license with an expiration date of 11/7/2021:

• Transfer license held by Michael J. & Tonia J. Johnson dba Crook County Saloon to Sand Creek Investments 6, LLC dba Sand Creek Investments 6, LLC-County Retail Liquor License.

Fred seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Tim Lyons, Growth & Development Administrator, was present to discuss the work schedule in the Growth & Development office.

Adjourned for lunch at 11:34 o’clock a.m.

1:00 o’clock p.m. Present were Chairman Kelly B. Dennis, Vice-Chairwoman Jeanne A. Whalen, Member Fred M. Devish and Deputy County Clerk Melissa Jones.

Ralph Knode, CEO, Strata Energy, Mike Grosse, District Ranger, USFS and via teams Troy Bifulco, Vice President of Information and Technology Services, PreCorp, gave updates on items of interest within their departments.

Jeanne moved to write a letter of support for Strata Energy to the Department of Energy and for the clerk to use the Board’s signatures stamps on the original document. Fred seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

Fred moved to sign a Professional Master Service Agreement between Powder River Energy Corporation and Crook County and for the clerk to use Kelly’s signature stamp if required. Jeanne seconded, all ayes, motion carried.

The meeting adjourned at 2:00 o’clock p.m. to meet in regular session on October 5 & 6, 2021 at 8:30 o’clock a.m., in the Commissioner’s Room at the Courthouse in Sundance, Wyoming.

Kelly B. Dennis, Chairman Jeanne A. Whalen, Vice-Chairwoman

Fred M. Devish, Member Attested: Melissa Jones, Deputy County Clerk

Publish: September 16, 2021


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