Vintage vehicles


July 22, 2021

Saturday saw the third annual Lakeview Show and Shine Car Show open with a bang with 50 entries in the first hour and more coming in as fast as they could be registered.

Ultimately, there were 54 entered in the competition and 40 just for fun, coming from all over the county including several from Hulett, Moorcroft and Sundance.

Walking through the lengthening lines of vintage and rare vehicles was a treat to many aficionados of fine automobiles. Organizer Sharon Coleman said later of the event, “Several people came with their cars just to look at other cars. It was pretty awesome.”

The winners of the show were as follows.

Judges Choice: Motorcycle – Tom Roberts.

Jeep: First Place – Dustin and Drea Switzer; and second – Kelly Lang.

Post 75: First – Mark Coleman, 2016 Z06; second – Jamie and Bill Mercer, 2020 Shelby Mustang; and third – Mark Coleman, 2017 Grand Sport.

PRE 75: First – Mark Coleman, 69 Yenko Chevelle; second – Ron and Steph Mummert, 79 Worlock; and a three way tie for third – Bill and Jamie Mercer’s 56 Belle Ayr, Jim O’Brien’s 45 Chevy 3400 and John Hammond’s 64 El Camino. 


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