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Letters to the Editor

I ran for office as a CCMSD Board Trustee in order to make a difference, and to work with a team of people who want what is best for the district, and the people of this county. I wish to thank the people of Crook County for putting their faith in me as a representative for them.

We’ve come a long way from eight and a half years ago when I was first elected.

I appreciate the work the healthcare staff has done to make this hospital and district a high quality and people-centered program. We now – presently, at least – have monies to spend on improving the facilities and service. I feel that I have contributed to this effort.

However, I no longer feel that my voice matters. The time has come in my life when I walk away from all the drama and people who have created it. I plan to surround myself with people who make me laugh, forget the bad, and focus on the good.

You will note this is a letter of resignation. It is not a request. There is no need to accept or reject. I am resigning effective today, and will contact the Crook County Commissioners to let them know I will not finish out my term. If they should ask for my reasons why, I am prepared to give them a full accounting, but for purposes of the resignation and public information, it serves little purpose at present.

I am sure that a person from the Hulett/Aladdin area will step up to take my place on the CCMSD board. I know they will do a great job in working with the district. Please welcome whoever takes the position.

Connie Lindmier


Dear Editor,

I recently had a close encounter with our local Crook County Hospital emergency room. I was impressed with the staff’s quick and efficient response to my situation and the professional way they treated me. Fortunately for me, my outcome was good and I am thankful for the fine facility we have here in Sundance.

Vic Worthington

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