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SHS art students win state awards

Despite students being unable to attend Wyoming Art Symposium last year they came out on top, again. 14 artists traveled to Casper for the 53rd Annual Symposium. Sundance received 17 first place awards out of just over 2600 pieces of art. 

Janessa Wilen received first place for five pieces: “Panthera Leo” – watercolor, “Chucks” – colored pencil, “Symbol of the West” - scratch art, “Smell of Serenity” – graphite and “Tranquility” – acrylic.

Nevada Gill won four first place awards: “Nautical Nonsense” – warm glass, “Take Life by the Horns” – warm glass, “Midwestern Cnidaria” – ceramics/mixed media and “Gatsby” – colored pencil.

Teagan Marchant had two first place pieces: “Drip Drop” – graphite and “King Goose” pen and ink.

The other students winning first place were: Roman Hrek – “Toadstool” – graphite, Tucker Dobson – “Rooster” – acrylic,

Jameson Fleenor - “Stripes” – warm glass, Ashley Wilen – “European Mount” – acrylic, Aftyn Marchant – “Hummingbirds in Bloom” – warm glass and Bailey Hofland – “Western Bouquet” – warm glass. Bailey’s project was also a candidate for 3-D Artistic Discovery.

Two SHS students also won the Wyoming’s First Lady Award: Tyrianna Holloman – “Making Mauves” – acrylic and Janessa Wilen – “Honeybee Highlight” – warm glass. This is an honored award chosen by Wyoming’s First Lady, to be displayed at the Governor’s mansion for a year. 

All other first place winners and artwork from the year will be on display at Sundance High School. 

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