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Gillette man facing felony charges following fight in Moorcroft bar

A Gillette man faces multiple charges including aggravated assault and interference with a police officer. Vincent Everett allegedly attacked a Moorcroft police officer who chased him after a fight broke out in a local bar.

On August 13 at around 11.30 p.m., two officers from Moorcroft Police Department heard a bartender yelling from Dewey’s Place that a fight was in progress. One of the two men allegedly fighting was escorted from the bar, while a witness approached the officers to state that he had broken up the fight and the other man had left the bar.

One officer sprinted to where Everett was walking on Big Horn Avenue and saw Everett trying to run down the alley. He ordered him to stop; Everett did so and raised both hands in the air.

Everett allegedly then began to approach the officer, who ordered him to stop and show his hands. The officer reports that Everett continued to approach, so he drew his duty weapon.

When Everett raised his hands again, the officer observed a phone in his right hand. The officer reports holstering his weapon and ordering Everett to the ground.

Everett then allegedly threw his phone at the officer’s head, turned and ran towards a fenced yard. The officer alerted the second officer that he was running as Everett approached the fence and tried to jump it, landing midway on the fence.

The officer reports escorting Everett to the ground, where Everett struck him in the face with his elbow. The second officer arrived and the two were able to place him in handcuffs.

The officer searched the area for anything that could have been discarded during the chase and located an eye glass case containing a glass pipe with white residue. The second officer performed a search of Everett and allegedly located a baggie containing a substance later confirmed to be methamphetamine.

Everett was informed he was under arrest and ordered to sit on the ground. He allegedly then began to yell profanities.

Moorcroft EMS was called to check Everett’s medical condition due to evidence of injury on his face. During the examination, he allegedly passed out and EMS requested to transport to Sundance hospital.

While trying to get Everett onto the backboard, the officer reports that he woke up and began to yell profanities and be combative.

Everett was placed in the back of the ambulance and transported to Sundance with one officer on board and the other following in his patrol vehicle. He allegedly continued to yell profanities throughout the trip.

Everett has been charged with aggravated assault and battery and interference with a peace officer, both felonies carrying a maximum penalty of ten years’ incarceration, a $10,000 fine or both. He has also been charged with misdemeanor counts of possession of methamphetamine, interference with a peace officer and breach of peace.