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School district preparing for unknown future


March 26, 2020

Crook County School District is scheduled to resume classes on April 6; however, says Superintendent Mark Broderson, the COVID-19 outbreak is a fluid situation. The district is doing its best to prepare contingencies in case the shutdown goes on for longer than expected, in the hopes of providing educational resources whether students are in the buildings or not.

“Teachers are working hard to prepare materials for students and keep them up to date on their learning. At the same time, they are busy preparing for a delivery system to homes if we do not resume classes,” says Broderson.

“This will be a new process for students, teachers and families so we are taking things very slowly to reduce the stress for everyone involved. This will be a remote learning system with a variety of delivery systems for those that have the option, as well as home delivery of learning packets.”

Broderson asks that parents and students please remain in contact with their teachers during this time. The district is stressing the importance of all students having access to all learning materials.

“These could be phone calls, hard packets or videos, or whatever else teachers and families can come up with with creative thinking,” Broderson says.

“As mentioned, this is a new process for all involved. We need to make together patiently to make sure we provide a positive learning experience for our students.”

The statewide WY-TOPPS test has been cancelled for the spring of 2020. At this time, whether or not the ACT will be delivered – and how it will be delivered – has not been determined.

“Athletics will be resumed according to the guidance of the Wyoming High School Activities Association as well as other school activities, if and when we resume school,” says Broderson.

“This also includes things such as prom.”

This year’s graduation date and the end of the school year will remain the same if classes are able to resume on April 6. If this does not prove possible, says Broderson, there is a chance the school year could be extended and the district will need to make adjustments at that time.

“Please remain in contact with each building to make sure your students are taken care of. We are trying to provide meals for everyone so if this something you are interested in receiving, please contact your buildings and we will continue to work on that as we move through this closure,” he says.

“Teachers are working in their buildings on Wednesdays to prepare materials and cooks are working on meals each Wednesday and working on home delivery. Our team is working extremely hard to prepare materials and to overcome obstacles and to ensure the students and families receive the resources they need.”

In this fluid and unfamiliar time for everyone, the district thanks everyone for their patience as staff work together to keep our communities safe. The aim, says Broderson, is to find organized methods of ensuring continuity, such as for teachers with multiple classes to set up “office hours” for each class.

In the meantime, Broderson stresses strongly that the district is available to help with any need it can.

“If you need something, contact us – I don’t care if it’s academic or not. If it’s food, if it’s anything, we have resources and people,” he says, noting that Crook County Public Health, the Sheriff’s Office and Sundance Police Department are among those who have made themselves available to help.

“Reach out to us, we’ll figure out a way to get it to you.”


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