Moorcroft resident sentenced for drug-related felony


September 5, 2019

Moorcroft resident Jeffrey Oliver has been given a suspended sentence and fine on charges related to an incident in November, 2018 in which police responded to a report of credit card fraud and discovered marijuana and methamphetamine at a residence.

Moorcroft Police Department responded to a local address in the early evening of November 7 to follow up on an alert of credit card fraud that allegedly took place at Coffee Cup Fuel Stop.

The officer reported a strong odor of burnt marijuana at the residence. When told that the officer had probable cause to perform a search, court reports state that the person who answered the door claimed Oliver was in the back room and that was where the marijuana was.

A second officer was called to the scene as there was now confirmation of a controlled substance inside the residence. Meanwhile, the first officer entered the residence to remove Oliver from the scene.

As he reached the master bedroom, the officer reports hearing a noise that sounded as though a plastic bag was being moved around. Oliver claimed he was going to the restroom and did not know why the officer was at the residence.

When the second officer arrived, a search was performed. In the master bedroom, a freshly lit marijuana cigarette was located next to the bed; inside the closet, the officer allegedly found a clear case containing a pipe and suspected marijuana seeds as well as several other pipes with residue.

In the bathroom, officers allegedly found a plastic bag of suspected marijuana, a grinder containing suspected marijuana and cigar cones also suspected to have marijuana inside. Multiple needles were also located as well as a silver case on the counter, which was found to contain a small bag of suspected meth, a silver spoon with a cotton swab and residue and more needles.

Further items were located after consent was given for a search of the entire house, including what appeared to be a homemade bong, a box with residue and a roller for cigarettes. A urinalysis at the jail allegedly tested presumptive positive for meth and marijuana.

Oliver pled guilty to two felony counts of possession of a controlled substance (third or subsequent offense), with known prior convictions in Meade County, SD in 2002 and Campbell County in 2014. He was sentenced to between three and five years of incarceration and a $5000 fine, to be suspended pending completion of three years of probation.


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