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May 2, 2019

Truly God is good to Israel, to such as are pure in heart. Psalm 73:1

Good. Not a bad word. It is better than average, although not great. It will put a smile on a face and later a frown from not achieving a goal. It is a normal for some people, work to obtain for others and can be both experienced as well as seen. It can be a shared event as well as a natural attribute.

For God it is a part of His very nature not only to know, but to behold and experience. It is for all to find as well as rest upon.

God’s goodness is intended for His greatness and it cannot be kept hidden. Part of this characteristic is its ability to give, not get.

It is not to be concealed when received but cultivated in the heart of an individual. This is done through the Word of God and matured through living this side of heaven. It must at times be sought after.

This occurs when our souls are in desperate need of a filling of some good. A light when all is dark, and our quiet desperation needs water in a dry land. It is there we discover that God truly is good as nothing else can satisfy.

We are to possess God’s goodness as Satan obscures that which is needed for living. It is most often found simplistically and easily misplaced casually.

This losing takes form in cheap substitutes that superficially appear to be adequate, although time reveals the true nature of worldly goodness and its inner pure rottenness. Good with God is great, for the devil it is below average.

Pure goodness is life and is an essential part of God’s plan. The Scriptures speak clearly of this: The earth is full of God’s goodness (Psalm 33:5); it endures continually (Psalm 52:1); God’s goodness fills the hungry soul (Psalm 107:5) and leads to repentance (Romans 2:4).

When we can recognize nothing separate of God is good it becomes clear that loving Him and living for Him is what everyone was created for. Outside of God’s goodness is scrambling to meet the average.

Inside living with God starts from good and gradually becomes great through doing what He desires. This soon determines your course of life and reveals the relationship God desires. Not forced but all in His good time.

Submitted by Pastor Dave Jagemann


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