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City of Sundance

June 4, 2024

The Town Council met this day in regular session at 7:00 p.m. in Sundance Council Chambers with Mayor Paul Brooks presiding. Roll call was taken by Mayor Paul Brooks with Council Members, Randy Stevenson, Callie Hilty and Brad Marchant present. Council Member Joe Wilson appeared by phone.



21 Electric-WATER Electric Maint $270.65; American Safety Associates of Colo-Equip & Maint $599.00; AT & T-Water Misc $55.29; Blackburn Mfg Co-Water Tools $535.56; Blake Abraham-Utility Deposit Refund $34.94; Paul Brooks-Mayor Council Travel & Training $353.76; Campbell County Public Works – Garbage Gate Fee $1342.40; Caselle Inc – Computer Support $1421.00; Crook County Natural Resources Dist.-Streets Welcome Signs $850.00; Crook County Sheriffs Office-PS-Sheriffs Agreement $24,937.50; Custom Auto & Truck-Equipment & Maint $6507.50; CW Waste-Garbage Gate Fee, Garbage Recycling $17,808.95; Deborah King-Admin Janitorial $500.00; Deb King $12.62; Deckers Food Market Admin-Janitorial $89.67; Doug Anderson-Utility Deposit Refund $69.59; Energy Laboratories Inc-Water Testing $66.00; Hartl Electric-Steets Light Maint $962.57; Hawkins - Chlorine Supply $40.00; Mark Hughes-Admin City Attorney $2000.00; Huskers-Shop Diesel $723.63; Joe Wilson -Mayor & Council Travel & Training $231.82; JW Services-Water System Repairs $2100.00; Karen’s Delivery Co-Water Misc $62.00; Local Government Liability Pool Admin Ins $6270.00; Marco-Admin Copy Machine $37.09; Municipal Emergency Services Equip & Maint $13,710.00; NorthStar Truck Sales-Firemans Fund $27,000.00; Northwest Pipe Fittings- Water Supplies $1296.49; One Call of Wyo-Water One Call $7.50; Powder River Energy-Admin-Electricity, Street Lights, Tennis Courts, Softball, Water Electricity, Sewer Electricity, Garbage Electricity, Swimming Pool, Fire Electricity, Ambulance Electricity, Parks Electricity $10,443.98; Range Telephone-Admin Telephone, Fire Telephone, Garbage/Landfill, Public Safety, Water Internet, Ambulance $689.48; Rolling Metal -Shop Gas, Fire Fuel $1023.25; Servall Uniform- Admin-Janitorial $196.42; Street Décor Inc-Streets Banners $422.85; Sundance Extinguisher Fire- Equip & Maint $176.50; Sundance Hardware & Sporting Goods-Streets Misc, Water Supplies, Admin Janitorial $286.88; The Sundance Times-Admin Advertising, Office Supplies, Garbage/Landfill Advertising, Streets Misc- $1000.65; Tracy Motor- Garbage Supplies, Streets Supplies, Water Supplies Fire Dept $682.46; Trihydro Corp-Garbage Testing $2877.01; Trihydro Corp- Sewer City Engineer $2200.00; Trihydro-Water 3rd Street $12,364.00; US Postal Service-Annual Permit $320.00; U.S. Postal Service $427.26; Vanway Trophy & Award Inc-Admin-Misc Expense $119.40; Visa #5219- Admin Travel & Training, Sewer Travel & Training, Admin Computer Support $694.06; Visa #6811- Sewer Supplies, Parks Vehicle Maint, Mayor Travel & Training, Fire Travel & Training $1057.42; Volunteer Firemen’s Pension Fund-Fire Dept Retirement-$262.50; Western Water Consultants Inc -Water Ryant Street 1462.00; Whites Canyon Motors- Fire Equip & Maint $1478.19; Wonderware-Water Misc, Sewer Misc, Garbage Misc- $39.95; Wyoming Assn of Rural Water Systems $450.00; WY Dept of Agriculture- Pool License, Landfill License $90.00; Wyoming Fire Chiefs Assoc $130.00; Payroll Administration, Maintenance,-Payroll $34, 788.94; BC/BS-Health Insurance $12,032.60; City off Sundance-Flex Share $546.20; EFTPS $10,256.41; Great-West Trust-Deferred Comp-$350.00; NCPERS-Life In-$128.00; Sundance State Bank-Direct Deposit- $6.19; Symetra-Long Term Disability $342.80; Wyoming Retirement System $7521.71; Wyoming Workers Compensation-$1437.22

TOTAL $216,199.86

Approve Minutes of the City Council Regular Meeting of May 7, 2024, as published. Approve the May adjustment report. Approve the May Paid Invoice report. Approve the June Unpaid Invoice Report. MOTION CARRIED (per consent agenda).



Ordinance 2, 2024 – 2024/2025 Budget, Second Reading

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY SECONDED a motion to pass Ordinance 2, 2024 2024/2025 Budget on the FINAL Reading. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Ambulance Bay Lease

Did not receive a signed copy from the CCMSD.

Waddell Septic System

COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY SECONDED a motion to approve a variance for a septic system for Heath Waddell at 107 N 12th Street unless he changes use or sells building and he would then be required to connect to City Sewer. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Trihydro Change Order for 3rd Street/Cleveland Waterline

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to approve the 3rd Street Waterline Project Change Order #1. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.


Land Use and Planning Minutes of May 28, 2024

COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON SECONDED a motion to approve the May 28, 2024 Land Use Applications A, B, C, D, J, K AND L. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

A. Crook County Sidewalk/Parking Expansion 309 E Cleveland

B. Kirksey Dodd Deck 821 S 6th Street

C. J & L Rentals LLC Shop 933 S 23rd Street

D. Brandon Jagow House E Sewell Street

J. Jim Durfee Driveway 91 N 21st Street

K. Jim Sperry Fence 224 E Main Street

L. Joe Lambert House E Hill Street


G. Joe Wilson Golf Cart Shed 729 Theater Road

COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER STEPHENSON SECONDED a motion to decline septic system at 1020 E Warren Street. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

I. Rick Bartolic Septic System 1020 E Warren Street

Recycling And Garbage Service Agreements with CW Waste

COUNCIL MEMBER STEPHENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY SECONDED a motion to approve the Recycling and Garbage Service Agreements with CW Waste. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Rental and Services Lease Agreement with Kid Prints, Inc.

COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER STEPHENSON SECONDED a motion to sign agreement between Sundance and Kid Prints Incorporated. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Sundance Law Enforcement Services Agreement with Crook County Sheriff’s Office

COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT SECONDED a motion to approve the Sundance Law Enforcement Services Agreement for this next year. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Resolution 6, 2024 - Fireworks

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT SECONDED a motion to approve Resolution 6, 2024 regarding fireworks. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

24 Hour Catering Permit

COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER STEPHENSON SECONDED a motion to approve 24 Hour Catering Permit for The Dime Horseshoe on June 15, 2024. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER HILTY SECONDED a motion to have the City Attorney to write nuisance letters to owners of the properties at 215, 217 and 219 North West Street. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Josh Kemmerer requested permission to move forward with a preliminary plat for a subdivision on 21st Street/Black Buttes Rd. Discussion was made to work on the drainage of a low spot with Trihydro. No motion made, but the board agreed to move forward with the subdivision.

Heath Waddell requested a variance in order to get a septic tank installed and not connect to city sewer. He does have an apartment facility but the sewer is only for a single toilet.

Todd and Emily Sanburn received a letter from the City Attorney concerning them operating a business from their residence. The trucks that he has are registered under his name and they are his own vehicles, not a business. Mayor Brooks apologized for sending the letter. The covenants for their subdivision should be reviewed and can be found at the County Clerk’s office, if they are filed.


Deputy Dan Bush – nothing new to report.

Fire Chief Gari Gill reported that a bipartisan letter against small town volunteer fire departments won’t be held accountable to OSHA standards.

Mac Erickson, Public Works Director, reported that the 3rd Street/Cleveland Waterline Project is coming in at over $1.7 million more than what the city has funding for. Discussion was made to divide the project and look for other funding.

Jeremy Holt, Economic Development Board, reported that he met with Sam Burke with the county to discuss the SS4A grant that they also received. Also met with Kathy Lenz and the board has been encouraged to proceed with the SS4A grant because it is a stepping grant to others.

Scott Lee and Ryan Christiansen, Trihydro, reported on the increase in funds needed to complete the 3rd Street and Cleveland Waterline Project. Discussion was made to bid entire project and separating out 2 bid alternates in order to finish a portion of the project that is funded while searching for other funding to finish the rest.

Meeting adjourned 7:32p.m.

Mayor Paul Brooks


ATTEST: City Clerk

Theresa Curren

Publish: June 13, 2024

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