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City of Sundance, Wyoming

May 7, 2024

The Town Council met this day in regular session at 7:00 p.m. in Sundance Council Chambers with Mayor Paul Brooks presiding. Roll call was taken by Mayor Paul Brooks with Council Members, Randy Stevenson, Joe Wilson and Brad Marchant present. Council Member Callie Hilty absent.



AT & T-Water Misc $76.98; Campbell County Public Works – Garbage Gate Fee $787.50; Caselle Inc – Computer Support $1421.00; City Clerk-Treasurer Administration Postage, Cemeteries Misc $54.28; Contractors Supply-Gillette WY- Water Supply $119.84; Crook County Sheriff-PS Contract $24,937.50; CW Waste-Garbage Gate Fee, Garbage Recycling $17,230.92; Dakota Business Center -Admin Office Supplies $159.26; Deborah King-Admin Janitorial $500.00; Energy Laboratories Inc-Water Testing $66.00; Engineering Assoc-Water 3rd Street $8047.10; Fran Frances-Customer Deposit Payable $28.95; Hawkins - Chlorine Supply $40.00; Mark Hughes-Admin City Attorney $2000.00; Huskers-Shop Diesel $973.48; Impressions Embroidery $81.25; Kimberly Heaster Customers Deposits Payable $10.17; Local Government Liability Pool -Water Ins $500.00; Marco-Admin Copy Machine $330.11; Menards-Gillette-Shop Capital Improvement $2204.56; Northwest Pipe Fittings- Water Supplies $1146.79; One Call of Wyo-Water One Call $3.00; Pomp’s Tire Service Inc-Garbage C & D Pit $5817.40; Powder River Energy-Admin-Electricity, Street Lights, Tennis Courts, Softball, Water Electricity, Sewer Electricity, Garbage Electricity, Swimming Pool, Fire Electricity, Ambulance Electricity, Parks Electricity $11,280.42; Quill-Admin Office Supplies $138.96; Range Telephone-Admin Telephone, Fire Telephone, Garbage/Landfill, Public Safety, Water Internet, Ambulance $694.58; Ricardo Cortez-Garbage Supplies $31.06; Rolling Metal -Shop Gas, Fire Fuel $1131.12; Servall Uniform- Admin-Janitorial $196.42; State of WY-Dept of Enterprise Technology Services-Admin Records Management $1.12; Sundance Custom Steel Inc-Shop Capital Improvement $347.48; Sundance Hardware & Sporting Goods-Shop Supplies, Building Daycare, Admin Janitorial $377.92; Sundance State Bank-Deposit Slips $80.09; The Sundance Times-Admin Advertising- $819.50; Theresa Curren-Travel & Training $434.16; Tracy Motor Water Supplies, Vehicle Maint, Shop Tools, Fire Dept Supplies, Fire Dept Equip & Maint $1063.33; Trihydro Corp-Garbage Testing $62.50; Trihydro Corp- Water City Engineer $2200.00; Trihydro-Water 3rd Street $18,138.50; U.S. Postal Service $491.94; Visa #5219- Street Parts, Council Travel & Training, Admin Computer Support $655.43; Visa #6811- Fire-Travel & Training, Shop Supplies, Fire Building, Ambulance Building Maint, Fire Equipment $2503.74; Volunteer Firemen’s Pension Fund-Fire Dept Retirement-$281.25; Western Stationers-Office Supplies.$85.92; Western Water Consultants Inc -Water Ryant Street $7547.00; Winwater- Water Supplies $3031.33; Wonderware-Water Misc, Sewer Misc, Garbage Misc- $35.95; WYDOT- Streets Misc Exp $10.00; Payroll Administration, Maintenance,-Payroll $33,288.36; BC/BS-Health Insurance $13,780.25; City off Sundance-Flex Share $546.20; EFTPS $9,912.11; Great-West Trust-Deferred Comp-$350.00; NCPERS-Life In-$128.00; Sundance State Bank-Direct Deposit- $6.12; Symetra-Long Term Disability $337.11; Wyoming Retirement System $7401.41; Wyoming Workers Compensation-$1367.86

TOTAL $185,293.23

Approve Minutes of the City Council Regular Meeting of April 2, 2024, as published. Approve the April adjustment report. Approve the April Paid Invoice report. Approve the May Unpaid Invoice Report. MOTION CARRIED (per consent agenda).



1% SPOT Tax

Discussion on the 1% SPOT Tax to get back on the ballot and be voted on.

Ordinance 2, 2024 – 2024/2025 Budget, Second Reading

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT SECONDED a motion to approve Ordinance 2, 2024 2024/2025 Budget on the Second Reading. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Ambulance Bay Lease

COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON SECONDED a motion for Mayor Brooks to sign the Ambulance Bay Lease once the changes are made and approved by CCMSD. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.


Helen Engelhaupt’s Retirement

Photo taken with Mayor Brooks

Crook County Comprehensive Plan Update

Discussion on the cost of being involved.

Land Use and Planning Minutes of April 29, 2024

COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON SECONDED a motion to approve the April 29, 2024 Land Use Committee Meeting minutes as presented. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

A. SMR Enterprises Round Grainery 330 W Hwy 14

B. Robert Connour Deck, sidewalk, shed, patio and fence 705 N 5th St

C. Mike Frolander 304’ x 72’ x 16’ shop 208 Park St

D. Tom Myers House 98’ x 32’, porch Sundance View Estates

E. David Skully Fence 411 E Warren St

F. Paul & Patty Weber Driveway, sidewalk, patio 123 S West St

G. Ivan Policky Business Sign 421 E Cleveland St

H. Ivan Policky Apartment Variance General Business 421 E Cleveland St

LUP Zoning Suggestions

Trevor Keyworth will be working with City Attorney, Mark Hughes, to incorporate wind turbines, solar panels, green space and possibly tiny homes into ordinance for three readings in the future.

Jones Easement

Discussion. May not be needed for the 3rd Street Waterline, but good to have it just in case.

WAM Resolutions

Discussion on resolutions that were handed out. Joe Wilson will be at the WAM Conference in June.

Sundance Streets Paving Bids

COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER MARCHANT SECONDED a motion to approve the apparent low bidder, Sacrison Paving for $189,236. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Weston County Children’s Center Funding Request and Crook County Family Violence Funding Request

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion to approve the Weston County Children’s Center and Crook County Family Violence Funding Requests. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

7:15pm Old Stoney Rehabilitation: Phase II Hearing

Called to Order 7:15pm.

The following people spoke about Old Stoney:

Doug Carter in favor of Old Stoney and it needs to get finished.

Kelly Carter in favor of finishing Old Stoney. It is an asset to Sundance and people have asked about weddings and meetings and entertainment on the third floor stage.

Bonnie King sees a definite need to finish Old Stoney. I am for it.

Rocky Courchaine in favor of finishing Old Stoney. We have been working on it for 20 years now. It would be a great asset to this community, to this county and bringing in business here would be wonderful.

Pam Thompson, Aladdin, moved here 20 years ago and have been working on this ever since. I think Sundance needs it and there are people that would like to use it. The Masons use Old Stoney all the time for funerals.

Andrea Wood representing Crook County Museum District. Old Stoney has oftentimes been referred to as the Crown Jewel of Crook County and I don’t think that is far off. So, let’s make sure that we can make that crown as bright and shiny as we can.

Neal Gray with Moorcroft and I’m with the Crook County Museum District. We have been working as a district together to make this happen. I am in favor of getting it done.

Amy Goodson, small business owner in Sundance and am a rancher out of town and I am also a representative of the Crook County Museum District Board. I am highly in favor of us finishing off Old Stoney so we can enjoy and use it and all benefit it as a community.

Mark Hughes, City Attorney but am also an attorney in town and a member of the Wyoming Highway Commission. I have always wanted to have a meeting of the Commission in Sundance and there really is no place to have it. I have three years left on my six year term and I am hoping we can get the building finished within this time so I can have a meeting in Sundance before I retire.

Alex Reynolds in favor of Old Stoney. I feel it has a lot of unused potential on the third floor of the building.

Randy Stevenson said that the council is all in favor, no nayes, so there is your quantification.

Close Hearing 7:23pm

Heath Waddell turned in an application this week for a variance on his sewer. He wanted to let the council know that it will be at the Land Use Planning meeting at the end of the month.


Mac Erickson, Public Works Director, reported 60% design on 3rd Street Waterline. Budget was worked on.

Gari Gill, Fire Chief, reported working with Mac on the Fire Hall to seal off Hallway and add walk-in door. New locks for the Fire Hall and will be installed. OSHA regulation hearing on July 21st and asks each council member to write a letter on what the rule changes are going to cost us. Just to set up the program will be $14,000. Then $695 per firefighter per year to set up physicals, EKGs and cancer screenings. OSHA is not offering up any financial aid. Engine 3 is now up and running. Looking for funding to add onto the fire hall. Possible loan through the state and would only have to pay 1% interest for five years. $750,000. New bids will be done in June. Picked up an F450 to replace F250 with tank.

Ryan Christiansen, Engineer, reported that landfill monitoring is ongoing. 3rd Street Waterline is at 60% design and cost estimate manual with a target date of May 17th. Discussion on moving forward with 3rd Street Culvert with SLIB and save on mobilization costs.

COUNCIL MEMBER STEVENSON MOVED, COUNCIL MEMBER WILSON SECONDED a motion for Mark Hughes, City Attorney, to write a nuisance letter to the new owner on the frontage road. All Ayes, MOTION CARRIED.

Meeting adjourned 7:45p.m.

Mayor Paul Brooks


ATTEST: City Clerk

Theresa Curren

Publish: May 16, 2024

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