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Weight Restrictions



Effective April 1, 2022

The Crook County Board of Commissioners has lifted the weight restrictions on the following pavement surface roads.

• Moskee County Road #207 from Interstate I-90 to the end of pavement (approximately six (6) miles)

• Warren Peak County Road #100 from US Hwy. 14 to the Forest Service Boundary

• Pine Ridge County Road #205 from Interstate I-90 to end of pavement

• Old Sundance Road #93 from Pine Ridge Road to Pine Haven Junction at State Hwy. 113

Wyoming State Statute 31-18-802 allows for the reduction in the maximum allowable axle loads and gross weight limits for specific county roads or sections thereof or for bridges by the county if the operation of vehicles or combination of vehicles would create undue damage to the country roads.

This weight limit removal goes in to effect IMMEDIATELY on April 1, 2022.

Publish: April 7, 2022

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