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Winterfest coming back this year

Commerce has announced that the Sundance Winter Festival is officially coming back to town.

Doubts were raised over the future of the popular event when the original organizers stepped down and the chamber struggled to find replacement volunteers to take on the planning and cover Main Street in the requisite piles of snow.

Fortunately, says Jamie Jessen, a solution has now been found in the form of a contract with the organizers of Campbell County's own version of the winter sport contest, which was held for the first time in February, 2021.

"The event will be hosted by Sundance Chamber with the help of Gillette Skijoring Derby," confirms Jessen.

This year's festival has been scheduled for February 12.

"We moved the date so we don't compete with Sheridan's skijoring event," she says.

When Steele Roping stepped up to take on the event last year, the plan was to move it to the fairgrounds, though a distinct lack of snow put a halt to the planning. This year's plan, however, will be a return to the event's familiar surrounds.

"As long as the city council approves it and we have enough snow, the event will be held on Main Street," says Jessen.

Winterfest will once again feature the day-long skijoring race events. However, says Jessen, "There will be no bar stool or tube races."

Despite the assistance of Gillette Skijoring Derby, Jessen says the chamber always welcomes help from the community.

"If people want to volunteer to help with anything, they can contact the chamber at [email protected] and I will get them connected on how to help," she says.

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