By Tatum Marchant
SES Sixth Grade Student 

Mud runners


September 23, 2021

Marcy Williamson

Liam Bifulco, Mason Moeller, Tucker Barber and Cord Marchant.

On September 17, the kids of Sundance Elementary school weren't studying but, instead, were running through the fairground arena, covered in mud.

The obstacle course consisted of balancing on wooden beams, running across growing tree stumps, leaping over hurdles of barrels, crawling under spider webs of yarn, climbing over pallet-made teepees and finally racing through dozens of tires. All covered in mud thanks to the Sundance Fire Department.

The course was assembled by third through sixth grade students and teachers who volunteered so, naturally, the students got to take a test run before the younger students could join in. Finally, the kindergarten through second grade students got to run the course too, but the sixth graders had to show them how to do it first. After that, the kindergarteners, then first graders and so on.

Marcy Williamson

Zach and Meah Williamson.

After that, the whole school raced each other, now with the rule that, if you touch the lasers (AKA yarn) during the army crawl, you would have to restart.

While the students were snacking, all eyes were on the arena, now being sprayed down by a fire truck. One by one, the obstacles were being transformed into muddy pits calling for kids to jump in them. At least everything but the tires, which would be used for racing after the break.

After a few rounds of tire racing, the whole school began racing students in different grades. Clearly, some kids didn't anticipate how slippery the race was, ending in muddy shirts, pants, shoes and even hair. You were allowed to race how many times you wanted to, but afterward, you would be sprayed down by the fire hose with some refreshing ice-cold water.


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