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Man given suspended sentence for assaulting Sundance police officer


July 1, 2021

Trevor Hartl of Gillette has been given a suspended sentence following an incident in which he allegedly refused to leave a local bar and caused bodily injury to the police officer who was called to escort him from the premises.

According to a statement from the Sundance officer involved in the incident, a disturbance took place at around 9:35 p.m. on August 20, 2020 at the Dime Horseshoe Bar. The bartender told the officer that she wanted Hartl, the man allegedly causing the disturbance, to be removed from the bar.

The officer reports that he attempted at least three times to get Hartl to leave the bar. Hartl allegedly began to back away towards the pool room while stating he did nothing wrong.

The last warning the officer reports giving him was that he would be arrested for criminal trespass if he did not leave. Hartl then allegedly attempted to rush past the officer, who reports grabbing his wrist, placing him in an arm bar and taking him to the ground.

According to the statement, the officer was able to place a handcuff on Hartl’s left wrist, but Hartl pulled his arm away and was “flinging the loose cuff around”. The officer regained control of the wrist and locked it against Hartl’s body.

Hartl allegedly then began punching the officer, who was able to pin his right arm under his body. Hartl is then accused of kneeing the officer in the chest and face at least twice.

According to his statement, the officer then pinned Hartl with a wrestling move and called for assistance. A Sheriff’s Office deputy arrived and the two attempted to place Hartl in handcuffs.

The officer reports that the deputy was able to gain control of Hartl’s left wrist, while the officer gained control of the right wrist and the handcuffs were placed fully on him. Hartl was then placed on his stomach, picked up by the two peace officers and walked out the door.

Hartl allegedly resisted being placed in the officer’s vehicle, so he was walked to the detention facility. In the booking area, video and photos were taken of the injuries to the officer’s face.

Hartl pled guilty to one felony count of interference with a police officer. Judge John R. Perry sentenced him to between six and eight years of incarceration, all to be suspended aside from the 274 days already served pending successful completion of five years of probation.


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