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Field day held early


June 3, 2021

Field day typically happens the last day of school and is a great way to send the students off for summer vacation. After looking at the weather report, the Parent Involvement Committee opted to host the event on Tuesday, May 25. Instead of a half-day event and sack lunch, the students and staff made a full day of it.

There were seven stations to rotate through and do not forget the dunk tank with Mr. Hartwig and Mrs. Ingram. Mrs. Rodriguez’s third grade class raised the most money during the Spell-A-Thon fundraiser, which earned them the privilege of throwing the ball at the dunk tank!

The nurses’ station was pretty quiet until the spontaneous event of “All School Freeze Tag”. The tug-of-war added some extra excitement as well.

Coach Williamson had a master plan with all the stations and delegated accordingly. Even with the date change, the volunteers showed up and were able to help throughout the day! Croell Field was packed with students, staff, volunteers and spectators.

Sundance State Bank sponsored snacks and beverages for field day. The Sundance community knows how to do it right and for that we are grateful once again.


Softball Throw – K Boys: 1. Layton Lindberg; 2. Kase Rasmussen; K Girls: Audrey Crawford, 2. Mattie Ellsbury; Grade 1 Boys: 1. Jaxton Habeck, 2. Gunner Lundstrom; Grade 1 Girls: 1. Maesyn Housey, 2. Addie Speidel; Grade 2 Boys: 1. Tryce Erickson, 2. Raedyn DeGracia; Grade 2 Girls: Addie Salmon, 2. Maya Miller; Grade 3 Boys: 1. Carson Doztater, 2. Kaleb Mills; Grade 3 Girls: 1. Jashlynn Idler, 2. Zoe Shoun; Grade 4 Boys: 1. Wyatt Kamenski, 2. Benny Wilen; Grade 4 Girls: 1. Jalyssa Keller, 2. Hadlee Krell; Grade 5 Boys: 1. Kale Harless, 2. Kade Mills; Grade 5 Girls: 1. Turia Lindberg, 2. Jude Crago; Grade 6 Boys: 1. Jake Krell, 2. Porter Watt; Grade 6 Girls: 1. Kellie Phillips, 2. Nevaeh Idler

Long Jump – K: 1. Audrey Crawford, 2. Kason Rasmussen; Grade 1: 1. Paige Livingston, 2. Griffin Gill; Grade 2: 1. Tukker Barber, 2. Ella Schloredt; Grade 3: 1. Addison Adams, 2. Keva Rasmussen; Grade 4: 1. Benny Wilen, 2. Cord Marchant; Grade 5: 1. Kade Mills, 2. Carter Croell; Grade 6: 1. Madison Neiman, 2. Lyman Halverson

Three Legged Race – K: 1. Emma Schloredt and Grady Bifulco, 2. Mattie Ellsbury and Audrey Crawford; Grade 1: 1. Molly Blakeman and Natalie Halverson, 2. Millie Hoard and Khloe Hausey; Grade 2: 1. Archer Query and Mason Moeller, 2. Ariyah Dodd and Tamsin Castelli; Grade 3: (Tie for 1st): Ridley Ellsbury and Nolan Gaskin, Evi Jagow and Cooper Croell; Grade 4: 1. Benny Wilen and Luke Halverson, 2. Cord Marchant and Gatlan Ayer; Grade 5: 1. Trevor Lyons and Carter Croell, 2. Annie Harmon and Jude Crago; Grade 6. 1. Brady Garoutte and Lyman Halverson, 2. Tel Marchant and Porter Watt.

Relay Race – K: 1. Audrey Crawford, Brayker Stensland, Candice Hege, Averie Raisnen, 2. Ivan Sanford, Kase Erickson, Layton Lindberg, Tregg Martin, 1. Kason Rasmussen, Mattie Ellsbury, Tobin Gaskin, Liam Fenlason, 2. Thomas Maupin, Zander Allen, Rylan Long, Samantha Henleken; Grade 1. 1. Paige Livingston, Maggie Geis, Brayden Evans, Khloe Housey, 2. Griffin Gill, Jax Fanzen, Lane Harless, Anna Marie Mefford, 1. Collin Neiman, CK McDonald, Happy fenlason, Bentley Hanson, 2. Jett Gustafson, Gunner Lundstrom, Mollie Miller, Maesyn Housey; Grade 2: 1. Maya Miller, Trapper Idler, Tamsin Castelli, Chelsea Helms; Grade 3: 1. Jashlynn Idler, Kaleb Mills, Ceara Thompson, Jase Henderson; Grade 4: 1. Ruslan Hrek, Gatlan Ayer, Mallen Gustafson, Taylor Asheim; Grade 5: 2. Nash Downey, Landon Gaylord, Ronan Jones, Alexa Henderson, 2. Kade Mills, Nash Downey, Lyman Ellsbury, Jordon Holt; Grade 6: 1. Maddison Neiman, Edward Rosalez, Averie Moeller, Audrey Wheeler


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