Crook County Natural Resource District

Nov. 3, 2020


January 7, 2021

CALL MEETING TO ORDER at 12:09 pm by Chairman Wayne Garman at the Sundance USDA Service Center and by conference call.


Board: Wayne Garman, Lily Altaffer (call in), Kim Fundaun

Employees: Sarah Anderson, Bridget Helms, Carmen Horne-McIntyre (call in)

Guests: NRCS District Conservationist Keela Deaton, FSA Executive Director Sarah Hanlon, Ketel Thorstenson Partner Traci Hanson, Audit Associate Nick Michael by Zoom call


Ketel Thorstenson Traci Hanson and Nick Michael presented the accountant review by Zoom call. Draft financial statements were reviewed. There were no findings of concern in the review. Ms. Altaffer made a motion to approve the financial review and sign the representation letter. Mr. Fundaun seconded. Motion carried.

NRCS Update Keela Deaton reported that EQIP applications will be accepted through December 7 for 2021 funding. Funds will be obligated by May 28. The Joint Chiefs project has $350,000 left to obligate; lands on the boundary will be eligible. There is no oak removal currently. Her office now has 67 active contracts and is the third busiest in the state. The soil health division green start agreement was awarded; this is to address Phosphorus deficiency in alfalfa fields. A 3-acre test plot has received its first application and will be done again in the spring. Testing will then be done to check on the effectiveness. $1650 has been awarded; $1500 for project funds and $150 in admin funds for the District’s assistance. Cover crop contracts are ready for payment. Certifications were signed by Wayne Garman.

FSA Update Sarah Hanlon stated that the door is now required to be locked by the state office. Customers are still able to enter the building, but it is to be by appointment only. Calling ahead is strongly recommended. She is readvertising the program tech position which ends November 3. Her temporary employee will be here at least through the end of the year. Acreage reports for fall seeded crops are due November 16. NAP poilicies are due December 1. CFAP 2.0 applications are being accepted through December 11.NAP payments will likely not be made until December or January. The County Committee election process began this week, the middle part of county (LAA #2) will receive ballots. Candidates this year are Jeanne Habeck and Colter Ellsbury.

Water Quality and Local Issues Ms. McIntyre has been reviewing documents and creating documents relating to the quarterly reporting for the 319 grant, WDA grants and the NACD Technical Assistance grant. One WDA grant just closed out and interim reports are also due. She assisted in completing the Long Range Plan, the Annual Report and will be working on the Annual Plan of Work. She listened in on the DOWL meeting with the Crook County Commissioner’s yesterday. Our joint application with Campbell County Conservation District is strong, she will be presenting the grant application on December 2.

Forest Health

CAFA update Ms. Anderson reported the CAFA projects are moving along and showed the Board where projects are taking place on a map. The WUI proposal has been submitted with intentions of work in the Pine Ridge Rd area.

Bark beetle update Work has commenced once again in the Sundance Canyon Ranch area.

Trails grant update The trail signs were presented to the Board. The final meeting with Bruce Speidel took place this morning. Mr. Fundaun made a motion to pay Bruce Speidel for the graphic design work completed. Ms. Altaffer seconded. Motion carried.


Financial Voucher A motion to pay the bills as presented was made by Mr. Fundaun and seconded by Ms. Altaffer. Motion carried. All checks were signed. The bank statements were opened by Mr. Garman and the reconciliation report was reviewed and signed.

Approve October 6th Minutes A motion to approve the minutes as presented was made by Mr. Fundaun. Ms. Altaffer seconded. Motion carried.

Office Manager update Ms. Helms attended the County Commissioner’s meeting for October and provided November’s update by email. E-Cycling invoices were sent and final numbers were provided to the Sundance Times for an article. The Long Range Plan was released for Public Comment on October 16 and ends November 30. WACD Convention registrations and reservations were made.


WACD Convention Policies to discuss for Convention meetings were provided. The WACD Board will meet on November 5 to decide on if Convention will still be held in person.

NACD Conservation Investment Ms. Altaffer made a motion to make a Bronze level investment of $101. Mr. Fundaun seconded. Motion carried

Farm Bureau Insurance declaration was presented, and coverage was reviewed by the Board. Ms. Altaffer made a motion to eliminate the inland marine coverage ($421.00) and moving the funds to a water quality equipment savings account. Mr. Fundaun seconded. Motion carried.

Long Range Plan copies were provided. Public Comment period ends November 30.

December meeting date change was discussed and suggested to move to December 8. Due to the Public Notice for the Long Range Plan the December 1st date will be kept.

TIME OFF REQUESTS were approved. Bridget Helms: 11/19 and 11/25 she will telework. Sarah Anderson: Half day on 11/24, 11/25

Motion to adjourn was made by Mr. Garman at 1:58 pm.

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