High school sports seasons get underway


September 3, 2020

To ensure the safety of all concerned, Principal Jim O’Connor of Sundance High School has released guidelines on spectator attendance at sports events this fall.

All spectators at high school and junior high football games will be screened as they enter the facility (though there will not be temperature checks). Face coverings will be required if you are unable to social distance, other than when in family pods, and when using the restrooms.

Students must sit with their parents or an adult and nobody will be allowed inside the fence other than players, coaches, workers, officials and the band. Band members must stay in the area designated for them through halftime.

Attendees at volleyball games – both high school and junior high – will find seating split, with 175 seats allocated to the home team and 75 to the visiting team. At junior high games, the first 175 fans to arrive will be allowed in.

Parents and guardians of rostered players in high school games will have a seat and will be required to show ID at high school games and each school, depending on number of athletes, will have an allotment of tickets left over for fans. Students in grades 6-12 may attend but need to sign up for the allotted seats and should sit in the student section or with their parents; younger students must be seated under parental or adult supervision.

If you would like to sign up for the available seats at high school games, call the office at the school any time after noon on the Monday prior to the event, or stop in if you are a student. You may request one or two seats on a first-come, first-serve basis.

There will be a waiting list once the limit is reached for home events in case the visiting team does not use their ticket allotment.

At all volleyball games, fans will be screened prior to entry into the gym (no temperatures will be checked). You will be required to wear a face covering at games in Crook County unless you are able to provide a medical note that states you are unable to do so.

In this situation, you will be provided with a place where nobody will be within six feet of you.

The guidance recommends traveling with your face covering to football and volleyball away games as the rules will vary by district somewhat. The high school will try to keep parents updated on these local guidelines.


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