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July 9, 2020

Dear Editor,

I am writing in concern to the Superintendent Mark Broderson comments about the opening the schools this fall (June 25 paper).

The comments on page 12 about the students being called “bubbles” or “herds”.

As I thought about the word herds is that our young men and women are not cattle, sheep, goats or pigs. On scripture in the Bible describes pigs who ran into the sea as a herd of swine.

I don’t think “herds” is a very good choice of words to call students. Why not groups of students.

“Herd” in the dictionary describes it as a number of animals (which students are not just numbers) feeding or traveling together.

It does use the word “herd” as a crowd of people, hence, the ignorant and unrefined or when used of persons, generally in a derogatory sense which means “lessening” in good repute or general opinion.

Two students come to my mind as I thought about their roots came from Crook County. They are Jeff Carrier’s children. His son is a pilot and his daughter is in D.C. I heard.

These students are our future leaders in Cook County or the state or the USA.

But leaders today can influence them one way or another, by the words or actions we use.

The may not all be straight “A” students but their future depends on leaders today no matter what path is their calling.

The students are a part of the body and each part does a function to perform.

So we need to watch what words we use because the Bible says “there is life and death in the powers of the words.”

Larry McCollum


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