Burn restrictions incoming


June 25, 2020

A partial burn ban is set to go into effect on July 5, imposing caution on county residents as the summer kicks into full swing and the danger of wildfire increases. Anticipating a potentially severe to extreme fire situation throughout the county due to a heavy fuel load and dry conditions, the restrictions were approved by the county commissioners on Thursday and aim to offset situations that could over-extend the county’s firefighting capabilities.

County Fire Warden Doug Leis will be imposing restrictions that prohibit the discharge of fireworks and the use of exploding target devices. All outdoor fires will also be prohibited unless they follow specific rules.

Trash fires will only be permitted between 6 p.m. and 8 a.m. and must take place inside containers provided with spark arresters and within a cleared area ten feet in radius. Campfires must be contained within established fire rings at established campgrounds.

Charcoal fires within enclosed grills will be permitted, and acetylene cutting torches and electric arc welders may be used, but only within cleared areas ten feet in radius. Propane and open fire branding activities must also take place within cleared areas ten feet in radius.

The ban does not apply to the cities and towns or federal lands. It will remain in place until the fire warden determines it is appropriate to lift the restrictions.


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