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Board decries employee bad behavior on social media


April 2, 2020

Members of the Crook County Medical Services District Board of Trustees are not happy with the behavior of certain employees who allegedly spoke ill of a patient on social media and wants disciplinary procedures to be followed. But while most trustees were happy to leave this in the hands of the management team, Trustee Sandy Neiman wanted proof it had been done and said there needs to be some penalty for the incident.

Trustee Connie Lindmier raised the issue, explaining that her desire is to ensure CCMSD employees are being professional both on the clock and during personal times and are not casting a bad light on the district.

“What do we need to do to make sure that does not happen?” she asked. “The potential for us being in a lawsuit is truly high at this point.”

However, Lindmier felt comfortable in allowing CEO Nathan Hough to take care of it, following the district’s 2012 social media policy that requires staff members to avoid putting anything on social media to the detriment of the district. Times have been tough with the upheaval regarding the contract with Health Management Services and now the spread of COVID-19, she said, but that’s no excuse for bad behavior.

“That’s all that I’m asking, that you make sure it gets done,” says Connie.

There has been no violation of patient privacy, Hough said, so the response would be to follow the steps of the disciplinary process.

This is my job, said Hough; though he appreciates the board’s interest and concern in bringing it to him, it should be handled according to company policy.

Trustee Trish Habeck felt that she does not want to know the particulars as a board member.

“If it’s handled well, then we shouldn’t have to deal with it,” she said.

Neiman did not agree, suggesting this is not the first time it has happened. She felt that the board should step deeper into a management role and have proof that discipline has been implemented.

“It’s concerning and we need to make sure that the CEO has done the reprimand and done what is required and if it takes proof then we need to do that,” she said at Wednesday’s meeting.

Lindmier, however, expressed that she feels comfortable with Hough taking care of it. If the person who has made the complaint follows through then it may require the involvement of attorneys, but her main goal, she said, is to ensure CCMSD is being professional.


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