Letter to the Editor


March 26, 2020

Crook County Seniors you may not realize it yet, but you are in good hands, the hands of Jenna Ellsbury. Jenna is the new Director of Crook County Senior Services and she is a woman you should get to know. If you get the publication of Senior Moments you will have read a little about Jenna but there is so much more.

Jenna had been on the job two weeks, was getting acquainted with her staff at the office and in the Senior Centers throughout the county, was attending meetings, fielding phone calls, meeting the public, etc. etc., all the things you do as a new director and then; the coronavirus.

Monday the 16th, things were “almost” normal, Tuesday the 17th, everything was shut down and alternative arrangements needed to be made immediately. Jenna never missed a beat, she contacted Cheyenne, talked with Public Health, called the radio station, coordinated with local agencies then got her staff and volunteers organized on how best to meet the needs of the senior community in Crook County.

Meals on Wheels was still available but Senior Centers were closed so arrangements were made for volunteers to deliver to those who usually came to the centers to eat or you could pick up your meal if you preferred, a vehicle was provided to Moorcroft for Seniors that could no longer go to their usual eating places. Even though many events were cancelled and there were no card games to play, people still needed to get to various places and rides were never disrupted.

There are many volunteers to ease the burden on the staff so don’t think your needs are not important. Groceries, library books, prescriptions etc. are still available to you, just let someone know what you need.

Crook County Senior Services works throughout the county and with Senior Centers to offer many things that go beyond meals and transportation. They provide socialization, various programs, exercise groups, craft activities, sewing clubs, housekeeping, home healthcare aids and much more, not to mention a good cup of coffee and a cinnamon roll.

There are a lot of unknowns out there right now, don’t let not knowing where you can get help be one of them. As was said at the beginning, “you are in good hands with Jenna and her staff.”


Moorcroft Senior Center Board

Sundance Senior Center Board

Hulett Senior Center Board

Contact Numbers:

Moorcroft Meals: 307-283-1711

Hulett Meals: 307-467-5743

Sundance Meals: 307-283-1710

CCSS Office: 307-283-1711


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