Letters to the Editor


February 27, 2020

Dear Editor,

I fully agree with Verda Swenson’s letter to the editor in The Sundance Times Thurs., Feb. 13 edition.

The road on Rupe Hill is a nightmare, not the best when road conditions are favorable. Then it becomes much worse with snow and ice on it. I have had a couple – three experiences on it; very scary.

I can’t imagine driving it twice a day or more.

Yes, it definitely should have guard rails and other precautions to make it as safe as possible, sanding and clearing snow when necessary.

I have never talked with another person that didn’t think this wasn’t a hazardous stretch of road to travel.

Thanks Verda for your advice on what we can do to try and get this brought to the attention of who to contact to prevent an accident.

Tiny Bush

Dear Editor,

I agree with Verda Swenson in her letter to the Editor on Feb. 13 regarding Rupe Hill. I believe it is one of the most dangerous sections of road in the area. It needs guard rails now. They should have been installed before that road ever opened.

Please do as she asked and contact Representative Tyler Lindholm, Senator Ogden Driskill and Governor Mark Gordon. Their contacts are in this paper.


Jeanne Shepherd


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