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Letter to the Editor


February 20, 2020

Dear Editor,

Did you enjoy the Winterfest in Sundance this last week? OR was it a bothersome inconvenience?

Did you want to go to the bakery for lunch or pick up some baked good? Did you need a lawyer or get anything at the Sundance Times? Did you need to do some insurance work at Security Insurance? Are you having your income tax done by Jan Denzin? Did you need to pay your light bill at PREC or your water bill at City Hall? How about a treatment with Materi Chiropractic? Did you try to pick up your mail?

Forget that parking on the east side was being used by those needing to work on main street businesses. You couldn’t even park in front of the Post Office. You could use the drive through window or the ATM machine at the bank. Did you need anything at the hardware store?

Good thing Isburg didn’t have a viewing or funeral. If you wanted food or drink at the Longhorn, you could park somewhere and walk. The Harley Davidson shop was closed. Did you try to get anything at Vilas like a prescription or candy or valentine? If you wanted to go to Serendipity, you could go over the snow banks and through the alley!

Then there was the cleanup of the streets and hauling the snow somewhere else! If it had been warm enough the snow would have melted and gone down the city drains. At least by noon Sunday things were somewhat normal.

There needs to be a happy medium between the one ‘dayers’ of winterfest and the residents of Sundance who are here 365 days of the year. We use ‘our’ Main Street almost daily.

Karen Peterson


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